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Small Business Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> - advertising and marketing; office and personnel management; and tax and accounting tips. Includes e-commerce, internet opportunities, and software listings.

> - tools and resources for sales, accounting, travel, supplies, services, and other links.

> Business Nation - directory of small business information, resources, forums, and more.

> cSmallbiz - offers video monitoring, cash register streaming, equipment supply purchasing, and more.

> Home Business Profits - resources for new and starting home businesses.

> Home Business Research - offers research and information resources for home and small businesses.

> Online Business Sources & Resources - links to companies, organizations, and agencies providing information and services relevant to promotion, software, e-commerce, and more.

> Small & Home-Based Business and Support Directory - includes searchable opportunity directories and resources.

> Small and Medium Enterprises of Korea - categorized by industry, region, and company names with a search function.

> Small Business Administration Nonprofit Information - presents nonprofit information pertinent to small businesses and provides access to online Federal information and services.

> Small Business Research Portal - provides links to information about conferences, entrepreneurial institutes, and other research oriented sites.

> - links to products, services, and reference materials.

> - offers resources for home-based and woman-owned businesses.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Small and Home Based Business Links - dozens of small and home based business links: references, franchises, marketing, and opportunities for home based businesses.

* - covering business, financing, law, technology and other issues for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Features expert advice, online tools, downloadable forms, and other resources.

* NetIncome - resources for online entrepreneurs.

* ENTERWeb - comprehensive links and reviews for online resources for enterprise development, entrepreneurship, finance, international trade and more. In French and English.

* - search engine and web directory with rated sites, feature articles, and more.

@ More Sites Links:

Bloomberg Small Business - news, feature stories, events calendar, and resources.

CCH Business Owner's Toolkit - answers to your business, tax, and legal questions and practical tips that will help you work smarter, save money, and stay in compliance with the law.

Entrepreneurial Edge - information services for small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and improve their business. Small Business - interactive tools and services, news, financial advice, forums, and question and answer sections that touch on many aspects of small business management. Entrepreneurs - features articles and links.

Advanced Small Business Information - collection of guides and tips. Offers information on making a profit, marketing, starting a business, home business, and more.

America's Small Business Center - resource for small business loans, credit reports, insurance, and other services.

American Express Small Business Exchange - access small business advice, news and classifieds.

American Success Institute - a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization. Business Week says "Winning With Small Business provides gentle entry for any intimidated would-be entrepreneur."

ApplegateWay - interviews with experts and consultants, columns, home office products shopping, small business news, business assessment resources, and more.

BizProWeb - collection of business resources, articles, websites, newsgroups, and shareware for small business owners, professionals, and home office entrepreneurs.

Bizzed - providing small business information, e-commerce tips, news, financial advice, links to office supply products, and more.

Bottom Up - toolkit for the high tech start-up. Offers information on business plans, funding, going public, and more.

BT Businessconnections E-zine - monthly advice and information for small ad new businesses, with searchable archive. From BT, the DTI and FSB amongst others.

Business Know-How - Janet Attard offers tips on marketing, start-up, finance, law, publicity, retail, management, internet marketing, taxes for home offices, and the self-employed.

Business Start Page - a virtual desk, to avoid time-wasting - somewhere business people can start their business day and have most of what they will need close at hand.

Business@Home - catering to the interests and dreams of the exploding work from home segment of the American workforce. - covers a variety of topics from starting to selling a business. Features material from the Streetwise series of books, forums, and advice.

Canadian Technology Network (CTN) / Reseau canadien de technologie (RCT) - for small to medium-sized technology-related businesses. Links federal and provincial government labs and agencies, universities, community colleges, industry associations, technology centres and economic development agencies.

Content Pages - offers links to articles on the web covering a variety of small business and marketing topics.

d'Work Zone - articles and forums for small business owners and managers on growing revenue and running businesses more efficiently. - pools the buying power of businesses and uses a reverse auction to get corporate rates from national providers of everyday business services.

ELF Search Screen - MSU's research bibliography on entrepreneurship

EntrepreNet - links to sites of interest to entrepreneurs. Maintains an extensive online reference library.

Entrepreneur's Help Page - provides people with little to no background in law, finance, and business management with a primer on such subjects.

Entrepreneurial Parent - career and community resource for parents who work at home. Includes articles, forums, links, and more.

EntreWorld - database of articles and web sites sorted by stage of business development.

eWeb - to provide the best in one-stop-shopping for help in starting, running and growing businesses. - resource for freelancers and consultants, with career advice, job listings, columns, tips, and other information.

Helmstetter Report - Helmstetter Report

Home Business Research and Information Center - links and tutorials for home-based or small start-up businesses.

Home Business Resource Center - Home Business Resource Center

How To Collect Business Debts - online copy of 1990 book, Victorian Edition. Includes behind-the-scenes information from debt collectors, magistrates and lawyers.

How to Start a Business - developed to help prospective small business owners with the often overwhelming process of starting a business.

Idea Cafe - small business gathering place offering serious insights with a fun approach.

Let's Talk Business Network, Inc. - interactive community for entrepreneurs, loaded with audio clips from our nationally syndicated radio program.

Making It! Minority Success Stories - weekly show profiling small business owners. Includes show synopses, business information, resources, links, and events calendar.

Microsoft bCentral - online services for small businesses.

MSNBC: Small Business News - MSNBC: Small Business News

New Workplace @ Home - offers business ideas, articles, and links to help you start a business at home.

Nolo: Small Business Organization and Operations - keep your business on-track: startup, taxes, partnerships, limited liability companies, nonprofits, corporations, and more. From the Nolo Press Legal Encyclopedia.

Opportunities for Women in Small Business - financial and legal aspects, profiles of successful women, and links.

SBSN - Small Business Support Network - requires registration.

SEC - Small Business Information - Securities and Exchange Commission's resource of news and information.

Small & Home Based Business Library - includes hundreds of articles about how to advertise, how to market, selling, writing a business plan, and more.

Small Business 2000 - weekly show profiles successful entrepreneurs. Site includes an index of featured companies.

Small Business Advisor - information to assist the entrepreneur in starting and operating a successful business.

Small Business Classroom - online classroom designed to educate and provide interactive business guidance on a variety of topics to many types of students.

Small Business Exchange Directory - database of small, minority, woman-owned, disadvantaged and disabled veteran businesses. Also offers access to public sector bids, proposals and contract  information.

Small Business Help Center - features articles on management, marketing, human resources, taxes, financing, and more.

Small Business Innovative Research - Information on how to apply for federal grants available to small businesses.

Small Business Knowledge Base - guides and worksheets on starting a business, small business marketing, and Internet-based business.

Small Business Resource and Help Center - offers a variety of reports, newsletters, and links to Internet resources for small and home based businesses.

Small Business Resource Center - a large collection of online reports, hypertext links and an illustrated hypertext catalog.

Small Business Survival Center - how-to articles, advice from business professionals, books, links, and more.

Small Business Tips - from the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

Small - from the editors of Small Business Computing and Home Office Computing. Weekly hardware and software picks, product buyers' guides and more. - provides search engine's indexing articles and sites of interest to small business.

socalTECH - a directory of high technology companies in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, plus startup resources for networking, financing, and more.

SOHO Consumer - online evaluation of products and services for the small and home office, with a "consumer" perspective.

SSA Guide to Wage Reporting for Employers - SSA Guide to Wage Reporting for Employers - information and resources on starting a business from the Wall Street Journal.

Successful Entrepreneur Inc - resources for small businesses and home-based start-ups.

TalkBiz - the netrepreneur's digest for small business and entrepreneurs.

Visa Small Business Site - resources to help small business managers, including monthly topics and information for women and minorities.

Working Solo - resource products for small business and entrepreneurs. - includes information on opening a commercial site, how to attract customers, managing operations, and related small business links.

Worx From Home - offers articles, business opportunity ideas, and forums.

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