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Free Email Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Free Email Address - reviews on web-based email services.

> Free Email Address Directory - listings, articles, and resources.

> Free Email Guide - Free Email Guide.

> Free Email Providers Guide - searchable database of provider listings.

> vs. Other Free E-mail - compares various free email providers.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Hotmail -

* Lycos Communications - provides email, voice mail, and instant messaging services.

* Juno -

* Mail Chek - free, web-based email service.

* Mail.Com -

* ZapZone Network (ZZN) - provides a free web-based email solution and service to websites that want to offer free email to their users.

* Eudora Web Mail - access email from any computer.

* Angelfire Email - Angelfire Email

* ZDNet Mail - ZDNet Mail

* ChickMail - ChickMail

@ More Sites Links:

1 For All Email - offers a variety of adresses to choose from.

1FreeEmail - offers email accounts.

1on1 lite - free email client software and free, secure email service provider.

2ndMail - offers free personalized email addresses.

3Dmail - 3Dmail is an all-in-one service that comes standard with lots of features. - email and chat as an animated character. - provides spam and virus filtering, instant email notification, and multiple log-in pages. - web-based and pop e-mail service. Offers multi-language support. - free web based email account. - - offers internet access, email accounts, yellow and white pages, and URL forwarding.

AFreeInternet - provider of email and links to free Internet services.

AltaVista Email - AltaVista Email.

AmExMail - AmExMail.

AOLMail - you've got mail!

ApexMail - web based email featuring auto-responders, filtering, and more.

AseanMAIL - southeast Asian email provider.

Atgratis - Atgratis.

Bachelor Girl Mail - free email addresses.

BellSouth Web Mail Service - BellSouth Web Mail Service. Email - offers free web based email. - offers web-based desi email accounts, plus chat rooms. - directory and a variety of offers, including web-based email and home pages. - hosts several BMX websites, and provides free web-based email.

Caramail - Caramail. - web based email for you and your family.

Conk!mail - Conk!mail.

Daily Web Planner - provides free e-mail and daily planner.

Deskmail - free Internet email.

Doghouse Mail - offers free web-based mail.

Doramail - for all doraemon fans. - offers a consolidated Web-based e-mail service for business and corporate users.

E-OmniNet - offers POP3 email, file manager, calendar, bookmarks, and address book.

e24/7 - offers email, file storage, and audio and video streaming for personal information management.

eKilat - web-based email for Indonesian users. - offering free email accounts.

EmailChoice - web based email service.

England Email - England Email.

Every Mail - offers multilingual web-based email.

Expat Mail - web-based multi-lingual email designed specially for globetrotting expatriates.

Fiberia Free Email - address at - offers addresses with your first name as the domain name, such as

FlashMail - gives you the ability to receive, read, and send mail from any computer with Internet access.

Fnmail - Fnmail.

Friendly Email - provides phone, web, and POP3 access, forwarding option, universal filtering, and more. - offers vanity webmail service. - offers free email, voicemail, and fax services worldwide.

Gigi Leung Mail - free email for fans of Gigi Leung.

God Mail - offers email service, message boards, chat, online Bible, personals, and more.

Grabmail - Grabmail. - free web-based email address for girls.

gURLmAIL - free web-based email. - offers private and free email service.

HowlerMonkey - offering free accounts.

iName - free web based or forwarded email accounts.

Jershie Mail - Jershie Mail.

JoinMe - JoinMe.

Joymail - Joymail.

Katchup - travellers can get a permanent email address and home page to catch up with mates. - provides email address of to Kansas State University Wildcat football fans. - offers e-mail and personal homepage.

Linuxfreemail - web based services based on the Linux operating system.

Lovemail - offering email accounts.

Mail Entrepreneur - free email from the small business publication, Entrepeneur Magazine.

MailAndNews - supporting web, POP3, IMAP4 and phone access. Also has news group access. - services in multiple languages, including both traditional and simplified Chinese.

MailBR - email gratuito com gostinho bem brasileiro.

MailCity - free web-based email, available through any Internet connection.

MailExcite - MailExcite. - offers browser based email services.

Mailroom - Mailroom. - choose from a variety of domains.

MailStart.Com - allows anyone to check their email box from the web. Read, send, reply all free. [Entering your mail password is an unavoidable requirement for this service.] - all 50 states available. Auto virus scanning, unlimited message storing, and more. -

MauiMail - free email from paradise. - online community for well-wired cats and their human valets.

MikellMail - offers free email addresses and web-based service.

My Own Email - free email offering multiple personalized domain names. - serving a global community.

NamePlanet - gives users the opportunity to use their own names in their email address.

NetAddress - Lifetime e-mail addresses -- Allows you to change providers as many times as you wish but keep the same e-mail address.

Netaddress - provides email accounts.

Nightmail - Nightmail.

OneNetNow - provides email, homepages, chat rooms, message boards, and publishing tools.

Pathfinder Email - Pathfinder Email.

Planet-Mail - Planet-Mail.

Postmaster - European free web-based email service. No configuration hassles, full functionality.

ProbeMail - send and receive email without a program.

ProntoMail - free web-based email address and a personal home page.

Readmail - check your email via the web.

Return Receipt Email - free e-mail with a delivery receipt. Send e-mail return receipt requested.

RocketMail - free Web-based, globally accessible email service.

ROTFL Online Services - free email, free homepages, electronic postcards, and much more!

Route1 - providing Windows-based email program with free dial-up access and usage based pricing.

Runbox Mail Manager - offers no-ads webmail with POP3 and SMTP access. - includes personalized e-cards, email, and jokes.

Stoolmail - Stoolmail. - offers email accounts.

ThatWeb - offers one-step gateway access to one's different email accounts anywhere.

TurboSport Mail - offer pop3/web-based e-mail provider with 40 mb space, forwarding, and autoresponders. - web based email services. - offers web based email service. - six megabytes of space for new users.

Wau Mail - Wau Mail.

WitchesBrew Mail - available in multiple languages.

Wong Faye Free Email - free web-based email with an domain.

Wowmail - with free email, websites, daily news, horoscopes, and more

WWW2000 - WWW2000. - provides email and screen savers.

Xcel Communications Corporation - offers email, links, and fax services in certain areas for fee.

Youpy - free email address service account with reminder and address book. Email - Email.

ZenSearch - ZenSearch. - encryption works with your existing email, and stays "snoop-proof."

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