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Free Chat Room Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Best Chat Rooms - Best Chat Rooms.

> Chat Links [] - Chat Links [].

> Deanna's World: Chat Links - Deanna's World: Chat Links.

> Drew's Chat Links - Drew's Chat Links.

> Forum One - guide to online discussion forums in current events and public policy.

> Free Chat Rooms - lists of chats for adults, teens, kids, and more.

> Jewel's Chat Chamber - covers real time chat, talkers, java chat and more.

> OnNow - guide to live online events and chat communities.

> Rivendel Web Chat List - Rivendel Web Chat List.

> Ultimate Chat Links Page - Ultimate Chat Links Page.

> Webarrow Chat Directory - contains links and descriptions.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Travlang Chat - a Java program alowing discussion on travel, language, or any other topic with people from all around the world!

* iGuide Chat - iGuide Chat

* Excite People and Chat - Excite People and Chat

* Delphi Forums - offering variety of message boards and chats.

* Chat Circles - move your circle around and join the conversations of others.

* World Without Borders - web-based chat community.

* W3 Interactive Talk (WIT) - forms-based discussion system.

* Sociable Web - describes a Web-based conferencing system.

* HumanClick - offers instant messaging chat service which connects Web site visitors with live sales person and customer service agent.

* Lycos Chat - Travlang Chat - a Java program alowing discussion on travel, language, or any other topic with people from all around the world!

@ More Sites Links:

AbsoluteChat.Com - multi forum live chat web site.

Alamak's WWW and Internet Relay Chat Gateway - A live interactive link to ircII Internet Relay Chat, talk with people from all around the world on hundreds of topics.

Artificial Linguistic Computer Entity (ALICE) - Chatbot - chat with an artificial intelligence.

ATSSB Live Chat - a get-together of Texas directors of small school bands. - alternative online community.

Bigbob's WebChat - Bigbob's WebChat.

Bla-Bla Chat - Bla-Bla Chat.

Channel 1 - Channel 1.

Chat City Australia - Chat City Australia.

Chat on the Net - - Chat on the Net -

Chat with TechTV - place to make new friends, talk tech, and meet the television hosts.

Chat-Wave - features chat rooms and message boards.

Chat-Zone - Chat-Zone.

Chatalyst - powerful, easy to use web-based chat system. It supports images, links, in-line animation, and more.

ChatDanger - offers advice to parents and children on safety in online chat rooms. Sponsored by Childnet International.

Chathouse - Chathouse.

ChatSpot - network for all ages and all people. - meet new people with similar interests, talk to people from all over the world.

Chattown - many lifestyles supported. Teens to restricted adult.

Chatway - offers chatrooms, message boards, and email for all ages.

Chatweb - Chatweb.

ChatWeb - ChatWeb.

Chinese Chat - learn Mandarin Chinese by chatting in romanized Chinese (pinyin) using an integrated dictionary/chat room. No special software or plug-ins needed.

Chinese Cyber City Chat Room - supports both English and Big 5 Chinese. Features resident-created chat room, E.T. Talk, U & I live chat.

ChinWAP - chat room accessed through WAP phones.

CityNews - free classifieds, auction service, and chat rooms; localized versions available for cities worldwide.

Club Gabbay - ten different chat rooms, each with its own musical style.

Coolchat - where the cool people chat.

Creative VoiceChat - services include voice chat and a voice masquerade chat zone.

CyberTalker - web chat with no downloads and no registration.

Fantasy Castle Chat - chat line with sound, images display capabilities and much more.

Flirt Online - find love in real time. - offering access to professionally managed forums on a wide variety of topics. Features message boards and chat.

FreeTown - chat, web pages, classified ads and more. - features online chat, jokes, and shopping links.

Gathering - a general real time chat page with password registration required.

GayCyberGeeks - real-time chat Tribe for Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals, using PowWow.

Globe Chat - Globe Chat.

Goedhart.Com - web based ActiveX chat.

Hypernews - a cross between the hypermedia of WWW and Usenet News. The basic idea is to allow readers to respond to any articles or responses they read in the HyperNews web.

Intelligent Chat Network - Intelligent Chat Network.

Italia Voice - talk for free with friends and family in Italy, the USA or anywhere.

Justachat - offers rooms for all ages and interests.

KeepTalking - KeepTalking.

L'Hotel Chat - chat at this virtual five star hotel located on the coast of Monaco.

Live Chat at - forums devoted exclusively to parenting issues. Check the schedule for special guest appearances.

Maxichat Australia - free web based chat with one to one interface. Open your own room and become a leader in the community.

MikesWeb Chat Live - talk with people around the world, make new friends.

Mobiles Disco - interactive web-based chat featuring a lounge and dance floor.

Mojoski Chat Area - Mojoski Chat Area.

OmniChat - massive web chat site with rooms for just about anything.

Online SportsBar1 - Online SportsBar1.

Park - a communication system/online discussion forum featuring live chat rooms and discussion areas for communication about love, life and spirituality. WebNet Interface - a breadth of topics and an easy method to get started talking to people.

Reality Bytes - real time chat site where you can talk to people all over the Bay Area and the world.

Record's Chat Rooms - Record's Chat Rooms.

SkateTalk - Skatetalk is a webchat site dedicated to skateboarders, but all are welcome.

Sonoma County Chat - Sonoma County Chat.

Spiritual Web Chat - Spiritual Web Chat.

T2 - T2.

Teen Hangout - place for teens to kick-back and chat about anything they want in a variety of chat rooms.

Vidville - allows users to post short video messages on any topic. - offers live chat on topics including the U.S. Military, militia/patriot groups, government, and the Constitution.

Web Chatting - public forums and live web chat.

WebAmerica - Public forums and live web chat. Corporate, entertainment and personal applications, many open and free to all net surfers.

WebNotes and NetNotes - a Network based conferencing and forum system, with both WEB and native (NetNotes) client interfaces. - with real time chat. Rooms include Howard Stern, sports, Seinfeld, music, Simpsons, and more.

Wisenheimer's WWW Board - meeting place for cartoonists from around the world.

Word2Word - automatic translator enables communication between people speaking various languages.

WWW Collaboration Projects - WWW Collaboration Projects.

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