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Literature Sites Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Penn On-Line Literary Research Tools - Penn On-Line Literatry Research Tools

> BookSpot - information sweetspot of book-related resources on the Web.

> Book Lovers - Fine Books and Literature

> Internet Book Information Center (IBIC) - Includes what's new for book-lovers, the Commonplace Book, and almost 1 MB of reviews, hot-linked to an online ordering capability.

> BookZone's Literary Leaps - comprehensive collection of book-related sites on the Internet.

> VoS: English Literature - extensive page of English literature resources organized for the research-user.

> About: Classic Literature - explores pre-World War II literature, with links, articles, and e-texts.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Eastgate Systems - publisher of electronic fictions and hypertext authoring tools.

* Pulpless.Com - readers can browse, pay online, then download a brand new book in HTML or Adobe Acrobat format by a bestselling author such as Piers Anthony.

* Da Capo Press - provides paperback originals and reprints in music, film, literature, dance, and art.

* - provides electronically formatted original and previously published works online.

* Starlight Writer Publications - publishes and sells a variety of genre fiction, including romance, science fiction, romantic suspense, and historical novels.

* Wesoomi Publishing - publisher of original books.

* Stealth Press - exclusive hardcover editions by well-known authors, specializing in out of print books. Features horror, literary and science fiction, romance, fantasy, and dark fantasy.

@ More Sites Links:

19th Century Literature Webring - 19th Century Literature Webring, The

Andrew Crumey's Literary Links - authors, reviews, resources, and special sections for links connected with Scotland and North East England.

Aurora Australis - gateway to the best in contemporary Australian writing. Includes writing and reviews from authors and book extracts.

Australia's Cultural Network - writing and literary culture pathfinder.

Australia: A Reader's Guide Online - database of annotations and bibliographical details of major Australian books.

Book Links - links for ravenous readers, specializing in literary and genre fiction information.

Book Lover's Resource Page - book-related web sites including mysteries, romance novels, science fiction, fantasy, publishers, online bookstores and more.

Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature - Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature - resources for reading.

Books in Chains - Books in Chains

Directory of Literary Translators - listing of specialists around the world. - community search engine specializing in the art of literature.

GEIST - German Encyclopedic Internet Service Terminal - search for books and periodicals from publishing companies of German speaking countries and also about the activities of institutions and societies relevant to the cultural field.

Jeff Frost's English Language Links - literature and English language resources, structured for people interested in English and the Liberal Arts.

Lady Leonia's Classic Literature - literary guide web ring.

Literary Index - provides both an overview and a review of the major collections of websites of interest to scholars, students, and lovers of literature.

Literary Resources - links and reviews of sites devoted to literature.

Literascape - Literascape

Literatura Web - un indice con recursos de literatura, desde Caracas, Venezuela.

Literature and Poetry Page - A compendium of sites containing literature and poetry references. Some commentary is included.

Literature Resources - for high school and college students.

LitLinks - University of Alberta - An ever-growing collection of WWW links for literary and humanities researchers.

Modernism - annotated index of web resources relating to the art and culture of Modernism. Includes fiction, poetry, music, drama, and the visual arts.

One Woman's Writing Retreat - collection of links for the many aspects of a writer's life. For anyone who likes to read or write. Includes holiday updates.

Ozlit - searchable database of Australian books, reviews, and writers.

Pilot Search - literary web links and search engine.

Publishers' Catalogs Home Page - comprehensive list of links to publishers and their catalogs; arranged by country.

Romance Novel Database - Romance Novel Database

Scott William's Inspirational Books & Author Links - Scott William's Inspirational Books & Author Links

Terry's Audibooks - comprehensive list of sources for books in audio format.

VoS: Renaissance & 17th Century Literature - VoS: Renaissance & 17th Century Literature

WebLit - Extensive lists of Author Pages, Downloadable Texts, Author FAQs and Other Literature Sites.

Wisdom - Wisdom

WWW Virtual Library - Publishers - list of links to on-line publishers, selected bookstores, and related information.

Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource - 1500+ links for writers, artists, performers, researchers, and other creative people, international literary news, online literary magazine, contest, art video guide, and more.

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