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Free Wallpaper Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Free Desktop Wallpaper - directory of wallpaper images indexed by nature, celebrities, movies, games, and more.

> Absolutely Free Wallpaper - directory of wallpaper, includes celebrities, nature, cars, games, and movies.

> ActiveScreen Software Directory - screen savers, themes, and wallpaper. Categories include space, nature, animals, art, movies, and military.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Webshots - provides screen savers, wallpaper, electronic greeting cards, and photograph hosting.

* Digital Blasphemy - Digital Blasphemy

* - provides images organized in categories including artistic, cartoon, music, nature, and sports.

* ForAnImage.Com - unique images to use as desktop wallpaper.

* Celebrity Wallpaper - features pictures of actors, models, and singers.

* Visual Paradox 3D - includes 3D art backgrounds by Brian S. Kissinger organized into creatures, sci-fi, humorous, abstract, and more.

* Cool Wallpaper - features models, cars, and anime.

* Beautiful Wallpaper - features celebrities, models, South Park, landscape, animals, and flowers.

* Wallpapers - free wallpapers, desktop themes and Ecards; categories include holidays, food, and travel.

@ More Sites Links:

Desktop Delights - Here you will find free wallpaper and screen savers of all original photography. Spruce up your desktop with some of the most beautiful and tranquil free wallpaper you have ever seen, all taken personally by the talented webmaster of this site. With dozens of absolutely free galleries, you can't go wrong.

Free Wallpaper Images - This is an excellent site for free celebrity, movie, and photographic desktop wallpaper as well as related links. Also check out their small assortment of screen saver downloads.

Worldwall - Computer desktop wallpaper from photographers and web artists around the world. Images from China to Antarctica, from Kenya to Uzbekistan. Free wallpapers, 2-step download and quick tutorial for setting your wallpaper.

Desktop Freebies - A top site targeting freebies for your desktop. You'll find screen savers, wallpaper, desktop themes, discussion forums, and other top sites.

Desktops Unlimited - With new material added every other day, there is almost always something new and different here. In addition to all the usual desktop themes, one of their neat features is a category for ICQ skins to liven up your computer music.

Theme Site of the Day - Here you can download a brand new desktop theme for your PC everyday. Don't be satisfied with that same old desktop when you can get a fun new one anytime courtesy of Theme Site of the Day.

Top Wallpapers - This is your source for hundreds of totally free custom wallpapers. With over thirteen unique categories to choose from, the selection is outstanding so even the most fickle of people will be able to find that new, exciting desktop wallpaper today. One special feature of their top five list so you can see their most popular wallpapers.

Custom Effects - Whether you looking for desktop themes, fonts, Java scripts, or something else, you will likely be able to find it at Custom Effects. With a strong assortment of quality material, they are a past winner of the Piglet's Perfect Page Award, this site will bring you all the best in desktop themes.

Theme Heaven - A truly massive selection of free desktop themes, over 3,500 in all. Plus, there is no waiting involved; you can download each of them to your own computer immediately. One unique feature is they offer current entertainment material such as that from popular movies so you can always have what is in.

Amazing Wallpapers - Simply follow a step by step four-fold path all laid out for you and you will be well on your way to "wallpaper nirvana". With a wide selection of quality wallpapers, this site has something for everybody.

Themes Plus - Your one stop palace for all that is Windows 95/98/NT. If you are in search of themes, wallpaper, screen savers and utilities for your Windows 95/98/NT desktop, look no further because Themes Plus has all this and more. There is no need to even look anywhere else.

Digital Xtreme! - At this site you will find free wallpaper, graphics for your web site, links, resources, shareware links, fonts and a lot of helpful tips and suggestions.

The Unleashed - An absolutely huge assortment of desktop themes, ICQ skins, cursors, icons, screen savers and much, much more. All of this is divided into easy to use categories for your viewing pleasure. One great thing about this site is it's simple layout which allows you to find what you are looking for with ease.

TopDesktop.Com - A multi-dimensional site that brings you free desktop themes, mouse cursors, desktop icons, screensavers, wallpapers and more. One fun feature is their up to date, current selection of topics from the hottest in movies, television, music and more.

K7 Graphics - A collection of some of the most unique desktop wallpaper available on the net. One nice feature is that each wallpaper has a detailed description to give you a little more insight into the one you are about to download.

Extra Desktop Themes - Look no further for all the best in free desktop themes. With them all available for download at any time, you can even get a new one every day if you wish.

Themes Unlimited - A nice collection, all with descriptions and most are even rated by the site's users. Don't hesitate, brighten up your dull, boring computer backdrop today with one of these stunning themes.

Original Look - A collection of totally original and free desktop themes, animations, e-cards, screensavers, ICQ skinz, wallpaper, and fonts. These visually pleasing designs won't be found anywhere else, so give your desktop that original flair today.

The Theme Doctor - A variety of fun desktop themes, all available for you to download totally free of charge. Each theme comes complete with a star rating so you know you are getting only the best.

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