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Cat Sites Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> - links to health advice, training tips, books, and others.

> Pet Planet Cats - international cat fanciers site with breeders and kittens spread over dozens of breeds, plus events, clubs, and chat; in Dutch and English.

> World Wide Pet - guide to professional dog and cat breeders, veterinarians, gifts, and supplies.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Tidy Cat - more than just kitty litter.

* HDW Enterprises, Inc. - Bengal cat themed supplies and gift baskets.

* Soft Paws - vinyl nail caps for cats and dogs to prevent problem scratching.

* Cat Claws Inc. - scratching pads, cat products, online ordering, and humane info.

* Angelical Cat Company - feline furniture, including cat trees, cat condos, scratching posts, and sculptured furniture. Every piece can be fully customized.

* - unique gifts customized for your pet. Including toys, catnip, treats, ceramic dishes, and more.

* Little River Pet Shop - pet supplies for dogs and cats. Including toys, treats, collars, beds, training and heath needs, and more.

* Waggin' Tails Pet Essentials, Inc. - suppliers of natural dog and cat foods, treats, supplements, veterinary products, and nutritional counseling.

* Cat Fence-In - offers to keeps your cat safe in your fenced yard and stray cats out.

* Eddie's Wheels - custom made wheelchairs for disabled dogs and cats. Made of lightweight aluminum, machined and welded, and designed by an engineer in collaboration with veterinarians.
@ More Sites Links:

AJ Morgan Pet Supplies, Inc. - supplier of pet products for dogs and cats. Including whelping boxes, emergency kits, grooming kits, puppy and kitten kits, and more.

All About Cats - a store for cats and their owners featuring cat toys, houses, shirts, artwork, and care items.

B-J Marketers - cat trees, scratching posts, kitty condos, beds, and more.

Cat Faeries - offers healthy and pretty products for cats and their humans.

Cat's Eye View - information and care center.

Catatonic Inc. - manufacturer of very unique hand crafted cat collars.

CatCliffs - feline climbing and perch system.

Catillac - offers cat scratching posts and furniture.

Catmax - climbing and scratching trees for cats. Our company has developed new kind of cat furniture. It is easy to install without tools. Our production is in Finland.

Cats, Cats & More Cats - offering T-shirts, feline-shaped jewelry, kitty toys, lace curtains with woven cats, and even a cat mousepad.

CatSaver - provides screen savers and magnet by breed. Also offers personalization capability.

CatScram - ultrasonic training device keeping cats away from dangerous areas.

CatStruction Company - manufacturers of the Original PetStruction Hammock, a luxury hammock for cats and small dogs.

Clings And Things Pet Candles - aromatherapy candles for dogs and cats. - online catalog for unusual products for cats, dogs, and their owners.

CozyCat Hammocks - hammock which allows your cat to sleep comfortably above drafty floors.

Creative Concepts Unlimited, Inc. - features an entire acrylic environment that fits in any standard house or apartment window.

Dog Gone Company - offers the Dog Gone Cat Feeder, a device made to protect the cat's food for the cat and protect your dog's health at the same time.

Durango Cat Company - cat gifts and accessories.

Earthwise Animal Products - offers natural alternatives for your pet.

EATNEAT Pet Feeders - automatic food dispenser for cats and dogs.

Fido's Finery - all-breed grooming and grooming for cats. Also offering natural dog food, collars and leads, and boarding services.

First Aid for Pets - instructional first aid videos for pets, children, and emergency family preparedness.

Forgotton West Wood Products Co. - raised solid wood dog and cat feeders, stainless steel food and water bowls, leash holders, and accessories for your pet.

Furry Angels, Inc. - offering the Itchy Spot Scratcher, doggy backscratcher and massager. Small size available for cats, too.

Here... Kitty, Kitty - supplier of cat gifts, toys and jewelry.

Just 4 Cats - custom trees, condos, and scratch posts. Also offers a variety of toys and accessories.

Kailua Catnip Company - catnip toys designed to drive cats crazy with hours of fun.

Kit'n Kaboodle - gifts for cat lovers and loved cats.

Kittie Krafts - custom furniture for cats and small dogs.

Kitty Klicker - cat training device.

Kitty Palace - designs cat trees, condos, and post furniture.

Kitty Store, The (TKS) - offers toys, cages, furniture, food and supplements, and hygiene care products.

Litter Saver - tool for cleaning litter boxes.

MadMouse Company - offers a playhouse that also serves as a carrier and litter box cover.

Me-Ow-Trageous - sells cat furniture made from solid wood and plush and textured carpeting.

Mt. Lion Catnip - family owned catnip farm shares the bounty of the land with your pet. Catnip toys and kitty beds.

Natural Scratch For Natural Cats - offers scratching post for cats made out of white and red cedar. Features include the mouse hole, antenna, reward nest, and an instruction booklet.

Pavlov's Cat Scratch Feeder - a scratching post and self-feeder all in one.

Pawcasso - hand painted ceramic bowls, treat jars and floorcloths for dogs and cats.

Paws For A Moment - gift baskets for cats and dogs.

PawSense - software utility that helps protect your computer from cats. Detects and blocks most cat typing, and also trains your cat to stay off the computer keyboard.

Pendleton Cat Furniture - posts, trees, and condos. No assembly required.

Pet Futon - designer furniture for pets.

Pethouse Products - cat dwellings of various novel shapes and sizes.

Poodie's Pillows - handmade pillows for cats and small dogs.

PurePet - dog and cat shampoos and grooming products.

PurrPLEKAT Pet Designs - introduces an alternative to heavy, clumsy cages, the Kitty-Kat Nursery/Playpen for the care/raising of kittens, puppies and other small pets.

Pussicat Interwood Corporation - offers climbing and scratching trees and furniture.

Sherpa's Pet Trading Company - lightweight pet carrier.

Tidy Feed - feeding and water dish that keeps dog or cat food in the bowl. - mats and beds for your dog or cat. Also dog and cat themed ceramics.

Wag the Cat - tired of cat litter dust? Stepping on litter pellets? Clean litter pans but still smells? Never spend a cent on litter again.

Woodruff - handcrafted furniture, porcelain bowls, beds and mats, and caskets for dogs and cats.

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