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Recipe Sites Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Brian Edmonds' Recipe Index - breakfast, bread, entrees, sauces, soups and desserts.

> Recipes - includes archives, forum, and Chef of the Month Club.

> Ethnic Dishes Archive - Ethnic Dishes Archive.

> Recipe Ring - Recipe Ring.

> Recipes Folder - Recipes Folder.

> Rob on Food and Cooking - Random Recipes appear here, especially Japanese specialties, but anything else which is a favorite, e.g. hot foods, desserts.

@ Most Hot Links:

* SOAR - Searchable Online Archive of Recipes

* - network of cooking and recipe sites.

* Recipe Archive Index - index of recipes, sorted by category.

* Arielle's Recipe Archives - hand selected from

* Global Gourmet - Global Gourmet

* Top Secret Recipes - from Planet Hollywood Pot Stickers to the In-N-Out Double-Double.

* Ultimate Cookbook - offers a database of recipes, searchable by ingredients and other factors.

* Recipe Center - find recipes according to recipe names and specific ingredients.

* Culinary Cafe - searchable recipe archive with in-depth information about ingredients and techniques as well as bulletin boards to help answer your questions.

@ More Sites Links:

Ambrosia, Food of the Gods - Recepten uit verschillende buitenlandse keukens. Tevens informatie over keukens en ingredienten!

Anna's Online Kitchen - a collection of favorite recipes that are tasty and so easy to prepare.

Anne's Favorite Recipes - a collection of recipes from Hawthorne Lane Restaurant in San Francisco, many with photographs.

Anywhere But In the Kitchen - tips for fast, healthy meals.

Aphrodisiac Dishes - Aphrodisiac Dishes

Armchair World: The Taste of Memory - recipes associated with time, place and memory.

Around the World in 15 Weeks - five students welcome you to their page of culinary delights - from shepherd's pie to Apfelstrudel. - with information on herbs, ingredients, substitutes, and the culture of Asia. Organized by country.

Aunt Emma's Recipe World - Browse submitted recipes, or enter your own.

Aunt Libby's Kitchen - includes appetizers, desserts, main dishes, soups and stews and salads and vegetables. Also home tips and kids stuff.

Berks County PA Recipes - Berks County PA Recipes

Best Food in the World - collection of recipes with a strong bias towards Mediterranean food.

Betsey's New American Kitchen - recipes, cooking tips, cookbook reviews, food events, wine events, celebrity chefs, menus, food links, cooking, food chat, cooking products, cooking secrets, and more.

Betty Crocker - don't know what to make? Enter the ingredients you've got at home and find a recipe. Also includes menu suggestions and drink ideas. Cookies and brownies available for shipping.

Café Creosote - recipes with nutritional information and pictures, a dictionary of cooking terms, information on California farmer's markets and reviews of cooking magazines and books.

Carmen's Cafe - offers a collection of recipes.

Catfish Institute's Recipe Box - Catfish Institute's Recipe Box

Catherine's Recipe Site - presents favorite recipes that are easy, inexpensive, and healthy to make.

Cheap Thrills Cuisine - recipes given in a comic-strip format.

Cheeseburgers in Paradise... - Cheeseburgers in Paradise...

ChiliDog's Kitchen - cooking resource including recipes, cookbooks, links, and more.

Choppy's Recipes for Easy Down Home Cooking - Choppy's Recipes for Easy Down Home Cooking

CompuCook - resource for food and cooking information. Recipes, easy meal planning, an online food encyclopedia, and more.

Cook's Thesaurus - suggests substitutions for thousands of cooking ingredients.

Cook's Wishes - offers a variety of recipes classified by types of food.

Cookbooks On/Line - large database; registration required.

Cooking by Computer - resource for international recipes.

Copykat Creations - shows you how to create many of your restaurant favorites at home.

Cornelia's Kitchen - variety of dishes which are relatively simple to make and use everyday ingredients.

Country Recipes by Margaret - collection of healthy and easy to prepare homemade recipes.

Cuccina Brucce's Favorite Foods - ribs, frijoles, fondue, crowue monsieiur, salsa, hummus and other family favorites.

Culinary Connection - search or browse your way through thousands of recipes.

Culinary Pleasures - recipes with precise ingredients and explicit instructions making it a snap to prepare tantalizing gourmet dishes. - recipes, links, and information for home cooks.

Cyber Chef - recipes by men who love to cook.

Daawat.Com - browse or search through a repository of Indian, Chinese, and Western recipes.

Daniela's Classic Salad Dressing - scrumptious garlic-base salad dressing that comes with its own cooking lesson.

Diana's Kitchen - including recipes from Indonesia.

Diana's Recipe and Food Page - A hypertext cookbook.

Dinner Co-op - a group of Pittsburgh food-lovers who get together to cook and eat. Includes recipe archive of their dinners and other cooking resources.

Down Home Country Cookin - Down Home Country Cookin

Durbin, Kathy - contains recipes from a collection begun over 30 years ago - all country good! - offering an abundance of recipes and nutritional information.

Eat Dangerously - for the strong brave few who continue to use heavy cream, butter, rendered fat, salt, sugar, and whole milk.

Edibilia - German, Swiss, Italian and Irish recipes.

Eggs Benedict New York: Recipes - includes classic and bizarre recipe links, reviews of instant hollandaise sauce, nutritional info and medical risks.

Executive Chef - theme menus with free recipes, food links and search page.

EXPO Restaurant Le Cordon Bleu - contains menu/recipes for French cooking.

FareShare - recipe exchange group featuring IRC and JAVA chats, metric conversion table, and a recipe archive.

Favorite Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen - Favorite Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen

Food Dudes - recipes and evaluation recipe database shareware available for download!

Food For Thought - Features weekly recipes and cooking tips, as well as a lot of cooking and food company links.

Food, Glorious Food - searchable database.

French K.I.S.S. - menu creation tool that allows you to quickly and easily organize dinner parties and intimate meals.

Gail's Galley - Semi-monthly food column providing something needed in this stressful world....good food, a smile, a chuckle, and the knowledge that were are not alone.

Garnie's Grub - features favorite recipes.

GastronomyLand - appetizers, salads, soups, chicken, seafood, beef, vegetables, and desserts.

Gina's Kitchen - my favorite recipes. Add your own.

Good Morning America Recipes - new recipes are added within a day or two of broadcast.

GourNet - recipes and links to food-related sites, searchable archives, drinks database, and more.

Great Day America: We Know Food - feature stories, recipes, and expert advice.

Hidden Valley - collection of recipes featuring Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix.

Innkeepers Share Their Culinary Delights - gourmet recipes from the kitchens of Inns across the US and Canada.

Jacquie's Recipes Page - Jacquie's Recipes Page

Jessica's Food/Recipes Page - links to other food sites as well as a collection of my own personal recipes. - offers a selection of tried and trusty recipes.

Jim Barrick's Recipes Page - Jim Barrick's Recipes Page

Just Like Mama's - down home cooking!

Kahn Dou Recipes - for those tired of cooking the same dishes week after week.

Karen's Kitchen - recipes for everday and special days.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Recipes Galore - including appetizers, breads, dinners, side dishes, and desserts. Did you treat someone nice today?

Koken met Floor - Nederlandse favoriete recepten en diverse links naar zowel Nederlandse als Engelse kookpagina's op Internet.

Let's Get Cooking - old fashioned recipes with normal, everyday ingredients.

Little Taste of the Hellmouth, A - cooking site specially dedicated to the cuisines of Sunnydale.

Long Island Globalink Recipes - recipes from our fishing industry plus healthy recipes, salad recipes, vegetable recipes and more.

Lu's Recipe Extravaganza - Lu's Recipe Extravaganza

Lynda's Kitchen - Lynda's Kitchen

Making Yogurt at Home - Making Yogurt at Home

Marc lePine's Family Recipes - The lePine family invites you to sample the family favorites! All good, but not always low-cal...

Maree's Favorite Poisons/Recipies - Maree's Favorite Poisons/Recipies

Martha's Recipes - Martha Prettyman's selected recipes. Unique, delicious, and easy to make.

Meals for You - custom build your own meal plans, including shopping information.

Merrill Shindler's Guide to Eating Pretty Good - food and restaurant critic Merrill Shindler dishes up humorous essays, easy recipes, whimsical insights, fun facts, and top 10 restaurant lists.

Miguel Angel Recipe List - Miguel Angel Recipe List

Mike Scalora's Good Eatin' Recipe Page - heirloom recipes and family favorites.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen - Over 1,000 food-related links and Mimi's personal collection of recipes, all in a highly organized format.

Moma' Cookbook - sponsored by Ragu.

Moms Cooking - mothers from around the world presenting authentic ethnic dishes.

Moms Corner - all types of recipes, including main dishes, snacks, appetizers, desserts, breads, and more.

My Meals - offers the broadest meal selection found anywhere with access to an ever-growing collection of 10,000 recipes. - on-line interactive recipe database.

MyMealPlan - provides an easy way to quickly plan weekly meals and a grocery list. Membership is free, and plans are personalized to your unique tastes.

Neosoft Recipes Archive - International recipes compiled from the Usenet newsgroup

Nixon's Party Recipes - american dishes.

Official Sandwich Homepage - Design your own sandwich or look at existing designs. Get your very own Sandwich Design Certificate when you design an original sandwich.

ONLINE Innkeeper Recipe Page - Innkeepers share their guests' favorite recipes.

Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest: 2000 Winners - winning recipes from the 50th anniversary contest. web version - the moderators from bring you a web version of the USENET newsgroup. All postings listed by day including requests.

Recipe America - interactive recipe database with thousands of classic and new recipes.

Recipe Collection for Kids - recipes the pre-schoolers will love to help prepare and eat.

Recipe Dude - original recipes for all cooking levels including South TX cuisine.

Recipe Finder - desserts, dips, appetizers, meals, and more.

Recipe Nook - collection of favorite tried and true recipes.

Recipe Place - hundreds of recipes to choose from. - join other happy cooks & bakers already being served a fresh recipe each day.

Recipes Archive: Preserving - recipes for relishes, jams, jellies, and pickled products.

Recipes Collection - Recipes Collection

Recipes Folder - Carnegie Mellon University - Recipes Folder - Carnegie Mellon University

Recipes from KSL-TV Channel 5 - online recipes from Eyewitness News at Noon. Includes main dishes, gourmet cooking, desserts, sides, drinks, and more!

Recipes of America - presented by Sargento Foods, features American regional cuisine with recipes and cooking secrets from top chefs that every food lover will enjoy.

Recipes of the Institut of Nuclear Chemistry - in English and German.

Recipes Online - huge, searchable collection.

RecipesWeb - includes interviews with famous chefs, live events, and more. - family-tested recipe and food ideas.

Reluctant Gourmet - a culinary guide for the novice, from a novice.

Restaurants & Institutions Recipe Archive - Restaurants & Institutions Recipe Archive

Salad Recipes Archive - - Salad Recipes Archive - - vast collection of salad recipes and tips.

Salt & Pepper - archive of the best recipes collected from publicly accessible usenet newsgroups and mailing lists.

Samiam's Home Cooking - Jewish, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, vegetarian, low-fat, and diabetic recipes.

Sauce and Marinade Recipes Archive - - Sauce and Marinade Recipes Archive -

Shawn's Recipe Kitchen - includes holiday recipes, links and more.

SOLO cyberkitchen - more than 70 super recipes. Choose a low-fat treat or a bit of heavenly indulgence.

Souffle Recipes Archive - - Souffle Recipes Archive -

Stef's Garden of Culinary Delights - Stef's Garden of Culinary Delights

Stepstones - featuring a soap opera, a gourmet recipe book, a magazine with weekly recipes and features, and an interesting navigation system for locating sites on the web.

Straits Cafe Virtual Restaurant - offers recipes from Asia, including Singapore, Japan, and China.

Sue's Recipe Server - integrated email lets you send a recipe to a friend or yourself to read off-line in your spare time.

Susan Tolbert's Favorite Family Recipes - simple-to-make, delicious recipes that have been handed down by family members, and some new finds that my husband and I will pass down.

Tamara's Kitchen - recipes for all occassions, including for kids, as well as wine information.

Tena's Diner - a combination of Southern food and hospitality... with recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts.

Teri's Recipe Page - includes special Pennsylvania Dutch section, seasonal menus, leftovers, and visitors recipes.

Terry Pogue's Cooking Page - Terry Pogue's Cooking Page - searchable database with over 800 recipes linked to great places to stay and eat.

To Your Health - a collection of recipes by Sandra McGuire.

Utterly Outrageous Recipes - home of the weirdest food and taste combinations. Submit your personal favorite strange food combo!

Vegetable Patch - recipes, recommended cookbooks, recipe exchange forums, links and more.

Virginia's Kitchen - Quick, easy, and very tasty dishes!

Washington Gourmet - eazy recipes and tips.

What's Cookin' - offers seasonal recipes and menu plans along with shopping tips, food information and more. There s even a section for kids only.

What's Cooking? - includes recipe of the week.

Wheat-Free Recipies for Ireland - Wheat-Free Recipies for Ireland

Wonderul World of Food and Cooking - Wonderul World of Food and Cooking

World Cooking Show - recipes for home cooking from all over the world. People from various countries introduce their motherland's dishes. Submit yours today.

World in Your Kitchen - offers international recipes, columnists, food news, cooking chat and more.

World Wide Recipes - gourmet recipes delivered by e-mail every day. A complete menu every week.

Yaron Blachman's Mastercook Archives - more then 10000 recipes in MasterCook format. The page contains more sections, like Israeli recipes...

Yogibear's Cave Cucina - Yogibear's Cave Cucina

Young Robert's Cajun Food - great recipes, good sounds, and is updated weekly.

Ysale Recipes - features a variety of recipes, cooking tips, and more.

Yumyum's Kitchen - source for recipes, product reviews, and the chance to win prizes and products.

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