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Free Software Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> - freeware and shareware search engine and directory.

> A Thousand Downloads - A Thousand Downloads.

> Clay's Shareware Links - free for all shareware links page.

> Comprehensive Listing of Freeware and Shareware Sites - Comprehensive Listing of Freeware and Shareware Sites.

> Freehound - Freehound.

> Ganggang - guide to Australian authored shareware, freeware, and other similar software for various platforms. Listings are rated, and categorized.

> Shareware Page - Shareware Page.

> - parallel MetaSearch engine for software.

> Zamboni's Shareware Links - Links to shareware sites so you too may own the most up to date shareware and freeware available on the net.

@ Most Hot Links:

* File Mine - search and browse for downloadable files.

* - searchable shareware database of software files from CNET, the computer network.

* Tucows - software, music, themes, and games download sites.

* - a shareware directory from CNET.

* Jumbo! - searchable database including freeware and shareware for Windows, DOS, Mac, OS/2, and Unix.

* File Farm - editorial shareware site.

* ZD Net Software Library - top rated shareware.

* Pass The Shareware Please - The easiest way to quality shareware sites on the Internet! Also the most entertaining! Features a showcased "Shareware Site of the Week."

* SlaughterHouse - updated daily.

* Dave Central Shareware Archive - highly navigable collection of internet software on the Windows and Linux platforms.

@ More Sites Links:

Free Software Downloads - This is defiantly a true resource for free software. Here you'll find a large directory of free software programs all categorized by subject. You can find categories like games, design/multimedia, internet, screen savers, and much more! - World of freeware, an organized directory of hundreds of free programs and files. Games, Internet, education, multimedia, business, and many more. All with descriptions.

Freeware Filez - A large freeware directory where you can vote on your favorite downloads. They have a "Whats's Cool" section that lists the most hitted on files and a "Top Rated" section that lists the files with the highest voted rating. You may need to try using their search as they have a large number of ever-growing freeware downloads.

PCDJ Phat Player - It plays MP3, it mixes, it rip's, it encodes, it plays 2 videos... and it's ready to receive 8 channels of radio. If you only have one MP3 player on your computer, this is the one it should be. Download this player for free and see why we say this blows Winamp out of the water. - Having some trouble finding an application for your computer? Why don't you come here, type a few words and the program you want will be found in a cupple seconds. You'll never have to search the internet ever again, it's that easy!

ICQ - A great program to chat with friends all over the world and Internet with. You can chat in a room, personal messages, talk over the microphone, play games, send files, and many more great features.

Instant Messenger - All of your friends have AOL but you like your ISP just fine. Download this and you'll be able to talk to all of your AOL friends without having to change service providers. It's quick, simple, and easy, best yet it's free. - Looking for free programs and utilities for your computer? Here's a great place to find them. Everything is in the right category according to what the program does, NT programs, games, screen savers, Windows programs, and many more. - One of the best sources of free software on the web with new reviews added daily so there will always be something new and interesting. With 8 different software categories, there is sure to be something for everyone. - A very nice site for all your freeware and shareware wants and needs. Take a look through our extensive archive of programs, choose the one that best fits your needs and download it completely free of charge. It is updated daily so there will always be something new here for you to enjoy. - Thousands of links to programs you can download all over the Internet, each in their appropriate category. Also has a listing of different files you can download which you might be missing on your computer, great for fixing programs.

WebAttack - Need some freeware and shareware programs for Windows? I think this is a great place for you. Has over 2,000 links to great programs, organized into more then 100 different categories. Also has a review section where you can read reviews of several programs.

Freeware Guide - This site's title pretty much says it all. If you are in search of freeware, this is where to begin with their numerous links to all the best sites for freeware in the world. Don't waste your time using normal search engine, begin and end your quest right here.

Apicviewer Freeware - This site received a four star rating by ZDnet, that alone speaks volumes about its quality. Now you can display and e-mail your favorite pictures, videos, and sounds from Usenet newsgroups with this revolutionary freeware program.

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