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Free Greeting Card Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> 123All4Free - sites are indexed by holiday/occasion/interest so you can find just the right card fast.

> Annie's Email Ecards - all occasion free email greeting cards, postcards and virtual gifts.

> Card of the Week - every week a different Virtual Card site is featured.

> - listing of links to free virtual greeting cards and postcards on the WWW.

> Cardmasters World Championship - reviewed and rated virtual postcard and flower sites.

> Cards and other message links - Cards and other message links.

> Cards U Like - lists places where you can find the right card for the right occasion.

> Cards, Postcards, & Flowers - Cards, Postcards, & Flowers.

> Cyber Greeting Collection - a comprehensive listing of various types of free cyber greetings avaliable on the web. Also includes an easy "how to" tutorial for personalizing your special cyber greeting.

> Deanna's World: E-cards and Flowers - links to postcards and flowers, as well as descriptions.

> Greeting Card Super Store - free! Collection of greeting cards (postcards) from card vendors around the world. Cards are all indexed and categorized. Find that perfect card today!

> Postcard Links - Postcard Links.

> Toom's Virtual Cards and Flowers - suggests sites on free virtual cards and virtual boutquets.

> Virtual Postcard Exchange - links to postcard or virtual gifts.

> Web Postcard Ring - Web Postcard Ring.

> Zancheska's Guide To Virtual Flowers, Cards, and Gifts - Zancheska's Guide To Virtual Flowers, Cards, and Gifts.

@ Most Hot Links:

* American Greetings - American Greetings

* Hallmark - when you care enough to send the very best.

* - offers real greeting cards from a variety of publishers, mailed for you or to you.

* DaySpring - publisher of Christian cards and gifts.

* - offers personalized holiday, greeting, and seasonal cards.

* - provides custom printed personalized greeting cards, photo cards, or invitations.

* Amber Lotus Publishing - greeting cards, calendars, journals and books.

* NARSAD Artworks - museum-quality art products by and on behalf of mentally ill persons.

* USA Greetings - offers online cards for all occasions.

* NetCards - greeting card personalization and mailing service.

@ More Sites Links:

Annie's Email Free Ecard, Postcards and Virtual Gifts - You will find a free ecard, postcard or virtual gift for all occasions thanks to this site. In addition to a nice selection of her own, Annie also offers many, many links to other great free ecard and other related sites. - Want to send a free digital postcard? This site offers a wide-selection of free postcards that you can email along with a personalized message. Make someone's day and send a digital postcard today. - A free service where you can create and send greeting cards for any occasion, to your friends and family all around the world. offers various features, such as Multimedia Interactive Flash, Shockwave cards, and free Caricatures... there's something for everyone. They are continuously adding new selections to their site, for their users enjoyment. Send a card today, and they will delivery it any day that you choose... through the end of 2001.

Great Greetings - A huge list of online greeting cards for every occasion imaginable. Why waste time and money sending normal cards for birthdays and holidays when you can send something one of these for free. And the best part is that these cards are much more personal because you are able to customize them to fit your own needs, which is sure to be a hit with the recipient. - This site offers a very unique style of greeting cards that you won't find anywhere else. Create a card using your own photos by choosing from a list of occasions and entering in your information. A fast and easy way to stay in touch and send photos. - Simply one of the best greeting card sites in the entire world with an enormous selection for every occasion. Send greetings to friends and loved ones for birthdays, holidays or just to say that you're thinking of them. Don't waste money on cards at stores when you can an electronic greeting card for free, while also giving it that special, personal touch. If they don't have a card that fits your needs, no one will.

Free Web Cards by Webmania Designs - A truly massive selection of greeting cards unlike you will find anywhere else. With over 500 cards in 60 categories, you are sure to be able to find one that is suitable for your needs. Some neat features of this site are original poetry and art work by well-known artists from around the world.

3D Animated Greetings - Now you can send online greetings, but with a new twist thanks to this site. Here you will find a wide assortment of greetings for all occasions, but where they are unique is that they offer them in 3D animation that will really bring your best wishes to life. Simply said, if you want your electronic greeting card to stand above the rest, make it from 3D Animated Greetings.

Silly Cards - Here you can send a greeting to a family member or friend any time, absolutely free. Whether it is for a holiday, birthday, wishing them to get well or even just for fun, a Silly Card will brighten up anyone's day. - Whether you want to send a birthday greeting to a family member, let a sick friend know you are thinking of them, or tell the one you love how much they mean to you, this site is for you. With a nice selection of cards in twenty-four categories, will meet all of your online greeting card needs.

E-Mail Card - With over 175 different e-mail greeting cards in 41 categories, there is a card for you for absolutely any occasion here. Let your loved ones know you care quickly and easily online in just a few short moments. And don't forget that this service is 100% free. You simply can't beat that.

Animation Library - This site now allows you to send any of its 3500 animations out as postcards. Just browse to the animation you want, and press the "Send as a postcard" button below it.

Virtual Cards - How about a card with a scene from Star Wars for that science fiction fanatic. This site gives you that option. A very unique site that offers you greeting cards with pictures from popular movies. This is in addition to the usual categories such as sports, wedding, business, love, sorry and retirement among others.

Acme Postcards - This site has a number of features including animated greeting cards, musical greeting cards and virtual flowers. All of this and more is offered completely free to you thanks to Acme Postcards.

Electronic Postcards - The largest and most diverse selection of fine art greeting cards on the Internet! Choose from over 30 famous artists such as Chagall, Kandinsky, Monet and Renoir. Or how about a card with a question on it for those trivia buffs. There is also a lot of original art work featured here so you know what you are sending is unique.

Virtual Insults - Now this is one unique site, offering you greeting cards that feature insults. That's right, insults. Send that enemy or foe a card with a Yo Mama joke. Tell that past lover that scorned you how you really feel. Throw a playful jab to a good friend over the World Wide Web. You can do all that and more thanks to this site.

Cool Works E-Cards - A very large directory of some of the best free ecard sites on the net, all sorted by category for easy use by you. There is no reason you won't be able to find exactly what you are looking for thanks to this vast collection and simple format.

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