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Football Sites Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> - provides search engine, news, and web rings for NFL and soccer.

> Point me to Football - directory dedicated to multiple types of football, including American, Canadian, and Australian.

> e-soccer - links to clubs, news, magazines and other sites related to soccer in England.

> Football Message Board Finder - links to British and international teams' message boards where you can find out what everone is saying about your team.

> Footie Search - search engine and web directory for football topics from around the world.

> Footy Links - Footy Links.

> Mad About Football - information on UK football clubs including news, competitions, merchandise, and email.

> UK Football Pages - UK Football Pages.

@ Most Hot Links:

* [e]ssential Links to NFL Football - resources including news, scores, games, teams and players.

* Black Hole of Links: Football - Black Hole of Links: Football.

* Football Information Page - 49er and Chargers info.

* - categorized directory to professional and college team pages, online shopping, news, and more.

* Maui Football Links - Maui Football Links.

* NFL Info Web - the usual, plus links to team-specific usenet groups.

* NFL Yellow Pages - extensive compilation of NFL links.

* - media resource.

* Portals NFL Links - Portals NFL Links.

@ More Sites Links:

CBS SportsLine - National Football League - scores, standings, schedules, and stats. NFL - news, scores, statistics and more. - official site of the NFL. Includes news, stats, standings, teams and players, and more.

The Sporting News - NFL - The Sporting News - NFL

ABC's Monday Night Football - includes full coverage of Super Bowl XXXIV. Pro Football - Pro Football

CNN/SI - Pro Football - CNN/SI - Pro Football

Football Insider.Com - pro football news, information and analysis.

Fox Sports: NFL - Fox Sports: NFL

Gridiron Grumblings - hard-hitting, unbiased review of the NFL. Includes games, stats, and opinions.

MSNBC: NFL Front Page - MSNBC: NFL Front Page

NFL Today - offers news, scores and schedules, statistics, team information, and NFL history. -

Pro Football Insider - team pages, updates, rumors, and depth charts.

Pro Football Weekly - NFL news, opinion, fantasy football, game previews, predictions, audio and live chats.

Professional Football Server - Hawaii's NFL/CFL page.

S.W.A.T. - S.W.A.T.

Silly Sports Pro Football News - handicapping newsletter for the politically incorrect and the marginally sane.

Sports Network (TSN) - NFL - Sports Network (TSN) - NFL NFL - NFL

USA Today - NFL News - USA Today - NFL News

Washington Post: The NFL - Washington Post: The NFL

ATL World Soccer News - includes news, interviews, chat, and message boards.

BBC Sport: Football - BBC Sport: Football

Beautiful Game - includes news, match reports, Premiership club fact-files, interviews and features.

CBS SportsLine - Soccer - CBS SportsLine - Soccer

CNN/SI - Soccer - CNN/SI - Soccer

Daily Soccer - strikingly fast daily news. Soccer - Soccer

FinalWhistle - comprehensive guide to football in Europe and around the world, including coverage of the European Leagues and Cup Competitions.

Fox Sports: Soccer - Fox Sports: Soccer

ITV On the Ball - offers action replay, fan zone, goal mouth, league tables, and more. - current soccer scores and news links.

Optasoccer - includes news from the major European leagues, previews, and chat.

Say Soccer - live talk show in RealAudio from WYUR 1310 Detroit. Features national and international players.

Sky Sports - the place for Premiership football on UK television.

Slam! Soccer - Canada's source of national and international soccer news.

Soccer City - a regular update on big soccer stories from around the World. Debate and views from the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Soccer Spot - Soccer Spot

Soccer Statistics - standings, results, and chat from European leagues.

Soccer Statistics Page - stats, results and forecast (results predictions) in professional leagues worldwide. - scores and schedules from Europe.

SoccerAge - the International soccer (football) pages

Soccernet - news, fixtures, and more for England, Scotland, Europe, and global soccer.

SoccerNews OnLine - Headquarters for US National Teams, MLS, USISL, A-League, CISL, NPSL, International Competitions

SoccerOne - daily periodical covering the European leagues. Features news, results, standings, fixtures and more.

SoccerSite - features club information, news, player profiles, and more.

SoccerTimes - SoccerTimes - ultimate guide to televised soccer, with listings to over 1000 televised soccer matches each year.

SoccerWeb - includes news and squad information for clubs all over the world. - contains content from the Kicker Gazette weekly soccer newspaper and the SoccerWeek Cable television show.

Sporting News: Soccer - MLS and Women's World Cup coverage. Soccer - Soccer

USA Today: Soccer - USA Today: Soccer

Western Union World Football - soccer news, features, player and team profiles and information for fans worldwide.

World Soccer Page (WSP) - World Soccer Page (WSP)

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