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Joke Sites Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Big List of Prank Links - Big List of Prank Links.

> Prank Call Webring - Prank Call Webring.

> Bored.Com - Bored.Com.

> Funny: The Internet's Comedy Web Directory - offers a reviewed directory of comedy and joke sites, news, and more.

> Humor Search - Humor Search.

> - jokes, weird news, comedians, comics, chat and more.

> HumorLinks - HumorLinks.

> - reviews sites with jokes, comics, funny lists, and more.

> Joke Directory - links to daily and archived funnies.

> - takes you somewhere different, from bad taste to dreams, and more.

> SOL Humor - links to humor sites, plus original hilarious humor!

> Wrecked Humor Collection - loaded with canonical lists, top ten lists, funny song parodies, and more.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Centre for the Easily Amused - exploring the Internet to bring you the Ultimate Guide to Wasting Time.

* Rec.humor.funny page - the net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup.

* Chickenhead - cures plaque in seconds flat.

* Hecklers Online - interactive comedy and commentary.

* LaughNet - bringing you the lighter side of the internet.

* - goofy pictures of goofy people making goofy faces.

* - source for pop culture satire and humor. Sarcasm included.

* Eric Conveys an Emotion - Eric conveys different emotions with the use of a webcam. Requests are taken and encouraged.

* Icebox - original animated shorts and webisodes by the creators of popular television shows like The Simpsons and Frasier.

* Comedy Zone - features jokes, humorous quotations, and links to cartoons, stand-up comedians, TV and film comedy, and more.

@ More Sites Links: - features jokes, postcards, and weekly contest.

Humour Hotel - features adult jokes and quizzes about men, women, marriage, and doctor.

Wwjoke - features joke exchange from office jokes to inspirational stories.

1 World of Jokes - collection of funny, gross, and rude jokes in audio, video, animated, and picture formats.

100% Jokes - features jokes in many categories plus archives, comics, downloads, and a mailing list.

123 Jokes Net - jokes in many categories, comics, and a daily email service.

AAA Joke Server - everything from blondes to workplace jokes. Includes a random joke generator.

ABC Jokes - including a Joke a Day, mailing list, links, and joke archives.

Abu El Abed Jokes -

Ah-Bob's Place - lists of jokes, tags, and Darwin Awards.

Al's Joke Page - topics include blondes, religion, sex, beer, and computers.

Anekdota - Greek jokes with totos, pontians, and more.

Another Jokes Page -

Archie Bonker's Comedy Shoppe - quality jokes arranged by category and humorous material. Submit jokes and win cash.

Ayoh Kadavule! -

Beer Jokes Page -

Best Jokes of '95 -

Blackie's Comedy Shop -'s Joke of the Minute -

Comedy Corner -

Complete Collection of Men-jokes - fed up with the endless lists of "blonde jokes"? don't get mad, get even.

Cyber Comedian - need some laughs? Come on in and see the show! Featuring Jeff Foxworthy, Steve Martin, Rodney Dangerfield sound clips, no cover charge.

Daniel Flower Joke Site - for the worst jokes on the net, really.

Daniel's Web - Histoires drôles et jeux de mots ...

Die Laughing - extremely clean jokes from Jackie The Joke Man Martling. Jackie is a writer on the Howard Stern Show.

Don's Jokes - includes cartoons, sounds, videos, and a daily joke list.

Ed's Jokes -

Financial Jokes - jokes about economists, bankers, the IRS, stock brokers, and more.

FishTank - Domain of Borris the Fish - come and have a laugh at all the funnies or send something in yourself.

Fringe's Joke of the Random Interval Unit of Time - changes roughly once every week, based on my whims.

FunniGurl - forum for readers to post jokes and humorous stories.

Funny Scheidt - - moderated collection of clean and dirty jokes. Contains joke of the day mailing list. - suits your need for funny stuff - prerequisite: a sense of humor.

Gerard's Joke Page - fun, laughter, and of course, lots of jokes!

Heller's Jokes Database -

Humor Us - updated weekly with both old favorites and new originals.

Humor Vault - jokes listed by category. - subscribe to a mailing list or browse through an archive of one-liners and stories. - joke archive, mailing list, and riddles.

Jay Dee Got Jokes - Jokes, Jokes, & More Jokes. Jay Dee got da jokes for u!!! Yo Mama jokes & other misc. jokes all in frames!!

Jester: The On-line Joke Recommender - system built to test if it's possible to recommend jokes based on your ratings of sample jokes using collaborative filtering.

Joke Bag - yo mama jokes, blonde jokes, one liners, and more.

Joke Cafe -

Joke City - find blonde, redneck, lawyer, internet, and other jokes.

Joke Club -

Joke Jungle -

Joke Post - interactive humor site. Post your own jokes or browse through the ever growing archives.

Joke Warehouse - thousands of categorized jokes. Submit your own.

JokEc - jokes about economics and economists. - with searchable archive. - numerous categories including pick-up lines, beer, redneck, sports, and more. - jokes of the internet in one, easy to navigate site.

Jokemania - - clean and dirty jokes, insults, and more.

Joker's Corner - for those who have a twisted sense of humor and can roll with the punches.

Jokes - Laugh a Minute - features all kinds of jokes.

Jokes and Humor Unlimited -

Jokes Are Us - for everyone amused by off color, low class humor.

Jokes Around the World - collection of jokes received from friends all over the world.

Jokes Galore -

Jokes Online [James Pope] - searchable list of jokes ranging from the politically correct to the downright sordid. Also Monty Python and Black Adder scripts.

Jokes R Us -

Jokes, Humor, And More Jokes - divided into easy to use catagories, choose the type jokes you want to view. huge selection of jokes updated weekly.

Jokes, jokes, etc. - offering jokes of every kind and genre.

Jokes, Just Jokes - a growing collection of jokes of all types. - contains adult jokes and cartoons as well as email greeting cards. - database of one-liners, stories, knock-knock jokes and more. Search by category, type, and rating.

Jokestan - collection of Persian jokes (in Persian and English).

Jokester - - categories include professions, religion, sex, smutty kids, battle of the sexes, toilet humour, and more.

Jokomotive - jokes from short to long and clean to dirty.

Just Joking -

Krazy Ass Jokes - send jokes, cartoons, and pictures to friends.

Lame jokes - Every joke here is so LAME it will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Laugh My Ass - contains all types of humor and jokes differing from Top 10 Lists to adult jokes.

Laughing Pit - with tons of jokes and original categores.

Laughter - The World's Common Language - for public speakers, comedians, social climbers, party hosts, homeopathic practitioners; anyone who wants more humor in their personal or professional lives.

Loonie Bin Of Jokes - categorized joke archive. Text, audio, and video jokes, cartoons, and more.

Lukas' Humour Pages - all kinds of humour from lightbulb jokes to ways to terrorise your roommate

Make You Laugh .COM - dozens upon dozens of jokes. New jokes all the time. And all grouped into categories for your viewing pleasure.

Making Fun of the Swedes - continuing a Norwegian tradition of jokes about Swedes.

Mix Veggies - a collection of funny jokes.

Musty's Maddening Maze - jokes in English and German

Nasty Jokes -

OhYesUAre's Jokes & Funnies - adult jokes from sex to men and marriage, with everything in between. Funny games and avi's to download.

Olaf's Haus O' Lafs - filled with an ever-growing number of jokes, stories, and pictures.

Populus Jokes -

Profession Jokes -

Shecky! - private club which specializes in having fun.

Square Corner -

Strangewear - offering humorous t-shirts with an attitude, as well as jokes, trivia and more.

Superjokes - updated every week day.

Uncle Mevin's Joke Page - a collection of current and classic jokes that I feel are worthy to post to my site!

Vartanik - an Armenian little Johnny.

Vocks - large collection of rude and even tasteless (but always funny) jokes.

What d'ya call.....? - A small (but growing) collection of jokes starting "What do you call" (Not just in English!)

What's Up With That? - includes jokepardy, humourwood, random jokes and lawyer and golf jokes.

Woodchucks - All about Vermont's unique, endangered species.

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