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Education Sites Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Access America for Students - information, links, and online services offered by the Federal Government specifically for post high-school students.

> - offers university department and program listings.

> College Opportunities On-Line - designed to help college students, future students, and their parents understand the differences between colleges and how much it costs to attend college.

> - links to universities, fraternities and sororities, testing resources, and more.

> E-Commerce Colleges and Universities - provides links to institutions offering electronic commerce programs.

> eGrad2000 - features tips, tools, articles, and advice on leaving college, jobs, grad school, summer travel, moving, and more.

> Encorpus - offers links to universities, libraries, archives, institutes, and other academic institutions.

> Higher Education Links List - international links to resources and courseware for educators, researchers, graduates, and others.

> Hobsons - provides information on courses and careers in the UK and around the world.

> Internet Resources for Institutional Research - Internet Resources for Institutional Research.

> Study UK - allows foreign students to find academic, vocational, and professional courses and work study programmes in the UK.

> StudyChoice - resource for students to research and apply for courses at colleges and universities in the UK.

> UniServe Australia - a collection of clearinghouses for the dissemination of Australian teaching resources to Australian faculty.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Study Web - comprehensive searchable categorized index with reviews of over 17,000 educational and reference Web sites. Great for students and educators alike.

* UniGuide Academic Guide to the Internet - offers research and education topical listings.

* Education Index - contains a huge list of research and educational resources indexed by subject & lifestage. Includes games and lifestage-specific chat groups.

* Education - WWW Virtual Library

* Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) - makes Internet-based education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government easier to find.

* Education Planet - helps teachers, students, and parents find online educational resources. Also includes forums, teacher training, and sites of the week.

* WorldWide Classroom - consortium of schools with resources on international travel, studying abroad, and learning institutions.

* Searchopolis - Searchopolis

* ScholarStuff - links to scholarships and financial aid, software, chat, and more.

@ More Sites Links: - explains educational opportunities worldwide to Russian speakers.

Academic Info - subject-based directory covering many educational disciplines.

Aristotle - An indexed educational site including: Kid's Clubhouse, VNewsPaper and indexed internet interface.

AskERIC - provides education-related links, lesson plans, news, and information. - offers users the ability to search, compare, and book a variety of training courses online. Also features a virtual library and a careers advice centre.

Campus Library - reference materials, a special area for teachers and librarians, plus extensive links to comic books, magazines, poetry, fantasy, horror, science fiction, mystery and romance.

Center for All Collegiate Information - brings higher education information on the web together under one easy to remember name.

ClassMAX - allows users to search for classes and seminars by topic, location, and date. It is free to search and free to list classes.

EastNet at East Carolina University - EastNet at East Carolina University.

EdSightings - e-mail newsletter and directory providing reviews of web sites. - features information for parents, teachers, and students.

Education Australia - for educational Web sites and resources in Australia.

Education Guides--Argus Clearinghouse - Education Guides--Argus Clearinghouse.

Education Resources from Kent State - Education Resources from Kent State.

Education World - dedicated to educators and students. Education news, chat forums, site reviews, and links to commercial sites.

Educational Internet Resources - Educational Internet Resources.

Educational Resources - Educational Resources.

Educational Resources by Michael Latta - links to educational resources on the Internet, divided into subject areas.

Educator's Guide to Internet Resources - dedicated to helping teachers find resources that will help them use technology in the classroom.

EduClick - resources for students, teachers, and parents. Add your link to the list. Search enabled.

EduROCK - created in conjunction with Public Broadcasting Information Services. Search our in-depth database of sites or contribute in the authentication process!

Global Schoolhouse - Internet resources and classroom projects for the education community.

Great Educational Web Sites - provides links to sites that enhance k-12 school library resources. Compiled by Phyllis DiBianco, a library media specialist at Scarsdale High School.

heySmarty - offers a natural language search engine designed to help students conduct online research.

Hispanic Vista: Education - Hispanic education resources for teachers, students, and parents.

Independent Schools Information Service - guide to independent schools in the UK.

Internet Educativo - aprendizaje electrónico; guide to online resources, subcategorized by course topic (in English and Spanish).

Internet Research Assistant - collection of links and resources for people doing research or term papers.

Jerome and Deborah's Big Pages of Education Links - Jerome and Deborah's Big Pages of Education Links.

Kid Info - starting point which allows students, teachers, and parents to spend quality time on the web.

Librarian's Guide To Cyberspace for Parents & Kids - from the American Library Association.

Louisiana Schools Online - directory of schools with an internet presence.

Northern Ireland Education - links provided by Infosite.

SchoolNet - educational resource links.

Schools Online School Search - a multi-criteria searchable database of over 1200 independent schools.

Searchgate - directory and resource centre serving job seekers, students, academics, trainers, and educators.

Tele-School Online - information superhighway between home and school.

WTech Gateway - aims to reflect cultural differences and recognize similarities between different groups of people throughout the world.

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