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Free Screensaver Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Screensaver Guide - reviews of screensavers.

> ScreenSeek - a screen saver search engine.

@ Most Hot Links:

* MacSourcery - offers authoring tools used to convert Macromedia Director and Flash movies into screen savers.

* Greenland Masks Screen Saver - Arctic Inuit masks dancing on your screen (freeware).

* Sander's Screen Savers - Sander's Screen Savers

* PhotoParade - offers software to convert digital photos into slideshows and screen savers.

* Screen Saver Studio - create screen savers that run on any Windows system.

* Time Out Screen Savers - holiday, promotional, custom, and general interest savers available for download.

* Drawing Hand Screen Savers - screen savers that create works of art on your screen.

* Flywheel Screensavers - collection of original screensavers with options, sound, and interactive features.

* Quadrangle Software - licensed sports screen savers featuring the logos of the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, and over 75 college teams.

* Seraline ScreenSavers - colorful 3D and fractal screensavers.

@ More Sites Links: - One of the very finest free screensaver sites ever created, you will find everything you could possibly want and more here. This site features hundreds of top quality free screensaver complete with descriptions for each. If you are searching for cartoon, movie, religious or holiday free screensaver, look no further. Also available for a small fee is a membership in the official club which gives you access to yet even more screen savers.

The Free Screen Saver Network - Go here to download screen savers from nationally known companies at no cost to you. Also, if your company offers a screen saver, submit it here for greater distribution.

Screen Saver Heaven - A tremendous site that features over 2,500 screen savers. Odds are that if you want it, Screen Saver Heaven will have it. They also feature a top twenty list of the month as well as a weekly screen saver spotlight which offers the most up to date and popular screen savers out there. If you like what you see from the free screen savers, you can also place an order for their CD, which gives you eighty of their very best.

Absolutely Free Screensaver - The name says it all, so you know exactly what you are getting, and that is links to hundreds of totally free screen savers. Whether it be animals, holidays, computers, cars, sports or cartoons you are looking for, you will find them all right here. - A directory of freeware and shareware screen savers indexed by Featured, 3D, Photographic, Cartoon, and Other categories. Instead of browsing through an endless list of broken text links, visit Free Screen Savers to find direct links to downloads with screen shots of each screen saver. - Featuring over 600 screen savers that have all been downloaded and tested, there is a very good-sized selection here. Plus they are always adding new screen savers to their list so there will always be something current to look at here.

Free Screen Savers Mania - The name says it all with a huge assortment of screensavers for Windows. Brighten up your PC with some of the very best in both freeware as well as shareware screensavers, all waiting to be downloaded by you right now. Also, be sure not to miss their Screen Saver of the Month section dedicated to bringing you some of the best the Web has to offer.

Beautiful Screen Savers - Here you will find a collection of beautiful screen savers and screensaver sorted into sections of relevance, such as animals, art, celebrities, movies, nature, and more.

Desktop Screen Savers - Browse through over ten screen saver categories including aircraft, animals, holiday, TV shows, 3D graphics, and more. Each saver is reviewed along with system requirements, file size, and a link to the author of the screen saver. - Download some of the hottest screen savers and desktop themes here, right now, totally free. Choose from all the latest in screen savers and check out the reviews and ratings for each. This is one of the highest quality screen saver sites you will find on the net. - Check out this screen saver directory for a wide-selection of screen savers found throughout the Web all available for free.

The Screen Saver Factory - Create your own screen saver online instantly with this screen saver site. Choose from a number of styles that use your own images to create a totally unique screen saver. - Surfer friendly screen savers archive who offers categories on animals, animation, art, cartoons, celebrities, holidays, music, nature, places, sports, tv/movies, tools, vehicles, and more. You'll also find a cool RANDOM saver link and also what' popular. A nice site with new savers added weekly.

Screen-Shots - This site features original pictures to bring you screen savers with twenty-one images each. They are currently working with top photographers to add even more of a selection. You can download a free trial version and if you like what you see you can purchase additional screen savers at a reasonable price.

Free Celebrity Screensavers - Screen savers on tons of famous models, movies, music, and more. This one is brought to you by the same webmaster who created so you know it is money.

VRMan's 3D Screen Savers - 3D Tidal Forces was given a five star rating by ZDNet and they said that it "....may be one of the coolest screen savers ever." It also includes a nice selection of other screen savers, but you had better have a good graphics card. All screen savers allow you to view a functional trial version first with an option to purchase the full version if you like what you see.

Screens And Themes - A big site with over 15,000 files of Desktop Themes, Screen Savers, Cursors, Demo Games, Fonts, Icons, Software, Sound Clips, Sports, Startup Screens, and screensaver. It is pretty safe to say that you will be able to find what you're looking for here.

MrScreenSaver - Choose from categories such as animals, humorous, cartoons or 3D to view and download some of the best screensavers the net has to offer. Protect your monitor in style today.

Star Promotions - With over 1,000 screen savers, this site certainly gives you a nice selection. It also features a screen saver search engine to help you find exactly what you want. In addition, they provide a screen saver wizard program that allows you to create a screen saver from your favorite image files.

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