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Religion Sites Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Academic Info: Religion - a directory of internet resources for the academic study of religion.

> All Things Spiritual - searchable directory of spiritual and religious sites.

> ALLFaiths Press - includes summaries and links for major world religions.

> eSpirituality - guide to spirituality on the Internet with articles, forums, and more.

> - includes web sites and discussions from a healthy community of believers courtesy of Time magazine.

> Kaleidoreligion - devoted to providing access to a myriad of religions views.

> Ministry of Religion - offers links to world religions and scriptures.

> Religion Journalism on the WWW - directory of major U.S. city newspapers' coverage of religion news.

> Religion, Religions, Religious Studies - resources and links for study of comparative religion, new religious movements, religious experience and mysticism.

> Spiritual Paths for the Evolution to Higher Consciousness - broad spectrum of information on spiritual traditions and life empowerment.

> - promotes the search for truth through spirituality. Analysis of and links to many major religions.

> Spirituality & Consciousness - collection of spiritual web sites.

> World of Religions - World of Religions

@ Most Hot Links:

* Tao Resource - provides traditional Taoist religious and cultural goods, including altar goods, ritual items, music, and books.

* Magical Blend - crystal balls, incense, runes, oils, tarot, cauldrons, wands.

* MagiTech - offering grimoires, tarot spells, radionics, astromagic, orgone generators, and eldritch wizardry.

* Kimbas Creations - offering handcrafted metaphysical items, tarot, and angel blessing readings.

* Abaxion - divination items, courses in witchcraft, voodoo doll kits, and more.

* Amphigory - carries magick tools and books. Also carries gothic cosmetics, jewelry, wigs and hair dye.

* Maledicta Moonchild - altar bells, candles, spell supplies, cauldrons, kits.

* Branwen's Cauldron of Light - oils and incense, sage smudge sticks, bath salts, magickal powders, obsidian balls, and spell kits.

* SpellKit.Com - spells for love, money, curses, and more.

@ More Sites Links:

4Spells.Com - offers a full line of spell supplies and kits.

Alchemy and Angels - suppliers of charms, spells, amulets and talismans.

Ancient Souls - offering clothing, jewelry, altar items, and other ritual items. Also provides informaiton on Morrigan, Brighid, Manannan Mac Lir, and Seanchai. - candles that burn for specific increments of time for practices, meditation, or contemplation.

Bell, Book, and Candle - provides books, candles, incense, crystal balls, tarot cards, and other items.

Blessed Bee - features pagan and wiccan jewelry, pendants, knives, ritual items, and more.

Blue Moon Gallery - offering Goddess statues, herbs, spells, and more.

Botanica La Esperanza - providing occult products and supplies including oils, incense, powders, and crystals.

Bright World - offering crystal balls, bead curtains, black lights and more.

Brigid's Well - sells spiritual goods, including candles, charms, and mojo bags.

Brigids Hammer - offering ritual tools, garb and jewelry for wiccans, pagans, and new agers.

Caer Lloer Dyn Products - talismans, wands, scrying mirrors, Book of Shadows, and custom athames.

Candle Therapy - magical candles, incense, oils. Specialized products for ethical magic.

Celestial Awareness - offers metaphysical supplies including incense, candles, books, and dietary supplements.

Celestial Healing Arts - offers aromatic kits, tools of magick, psychic readings, aromatherapy.

Charms and Charges - spell kits, incense, and oils to bring enchantment into life.

Conjurations - metaphysical and wiccan products include wands, crystals, pendulums, herbal candles, swords, and more.

Crystal Sands, etc. - with articles, stories, poetry, spells and ritual supplies from athames to wands.

Crystal Way - offering crystals, jewelry, self-help books, music, tarot, Egyptian statues.

Crystalis Treasures - features power bead bracelets, ritual and wiccan products, crystals, books, and more.

Cunina's Witchcraft Realm - library magick shoppe selling handcrafted ritual items including a Book of Shadows.

Cyber Magick - complete line of products including gifts, tools, books, and jewelry.

Divine Intervention - natural healing products for a new age. Crystals, aromatherapy, and books.

Dragon of the Mist - shop dedicated to the Way of the Wiccan.

Esoterica Occult Goods - offering books, tarot cards, altar and ritual tools, potions, herbs, and jewelry.

Four Quarters - offering handmade items for those interested in things mystical and magickal.

Gravestone Designs - old New England and Celtic gravestone designs on t-shirts and velvet pouches. Also features gravestone rubbing kits.

Gryffon, Dragon & Wolf - hand crafted incense, oils, bath salts, candles, stained glass, and psychic readings.

Heart of Harmony - provides products for energy balancing, space clearing, and harmonizing one's environment.

Herbal Brews - suppliers of tools for pagan, occult, and magickal rituals. Also features handcrafted incense, oils, and potions.

I, Dea Center - providing education and quality tools for spiritual practices.

Innervision - products include books, ear coning, ear cones, astrological charts, psychic readings, and new age event supplies.

Lavenderwater's Witchcraft and Pagan Resources - presenting the properties and characteristics of color candles, herbs, incense, gems, and other resources for rituals.

Lily Therese's Angelic Spiritual Specialties - providing products and services including candles, ritual kits, anointing oils, and incense.

Lorelei's Call - carries metaphysical books, runes, Tarot, jewelry, incense, crystals, magical supplies, and more.

Magick Cauldron - books, runes, tarot cards, wands, caldrons, swords, jewelry, and more.

Magickal Dreamers - offers personalised charms and spells using knowledge of herbs plants, crystals, runic symbols, and essential oils.

Moebius Enterprises/Avalon Magical Products - offers handcrafted ritual jewelry in sterling silver, oils, incenses, candles, robes, altars, statuary, and other spiritual items.

MoonLitMagick - Selling Athames, Wands, Pentacles, jewelry, and Books.

Moons and Brooms - specializing in runes, altar patens, candles, incense bottles, and other ritual supplies.

MoonScents - offering oils, herbs, incense, clothing, and more.

Mossy Cauldron - offers spiritualist, paran, and new age supplies like crystals, incense, oils, crystals, and tarot.

Mother's Magick - offering items for witchcraft, wicca, and magick including essential oils, pagan jewelry, statues, herbs, incense, books, and more.

Mystic Eye - sells unique tarot decks, books, divination and magical tools.

Mystic Intentions - offering runic ritual items and totem/animal spirit jewelry for the pagan community.

Mystical Realms - gift shop and pagan supplies.

Mystickal Tymes, Inc. - altar tools, books, candles, crystals, herbs, incense, magick kits.

New Age Express - featuring supplies for the modern pagan and witch including hand made chalices, wands and athames.

Oakmoon Originals - runes, talismans, and handcrafted wooden magickal items by a wiccan artisan.

Occult Shop - ritual tools, spell candles and solutions to magickal needs.

Optimystical - offering psychic readings by Nancy Wood, altars, healing wands, and more.

Points of Light - metaphysical suplier of oils, incense candles, jewlery, and more.

Purple Pentacle - stones, athames, bells, altar cloths, hecate box, altar disk, and more.

Rowan Moon Creations - wands, altar pentacles, charm bags, spell boxes, robes.

Salem Tarot Page - comprehensive guide to tarot, witchcraft, and ritual items.

Salem West - information on pagan and wiccan products, mailing lists, the Real Witches Ball, and more.

Scarab Moon - shop selling unique magickal supplies and things from Egypt including oils, powders, incense, and more. - source for shamanic supplies, imports, and sacred items.

Silver Broomstick - providing the tools needed for witchcraft spells and Pagan rituals.

SilverMoonStone - altar items, herbs, oils, potions, candles, incense, and more.

Sisters Bizar - hand-crafted Goddess-related wares.

Spell In A Bag - spells for love, prosperity, healing, protection and more.

Spell Shop - offers spell supplies, kits, and an exclusive send-a-spell feature.

Spells On The Web - online community for spells, magick, and witchcraft. Features spells and rituals, plus sells spell kits for love, prosperity, and health/wellness.

Spellworks - manufactures and sells spell soaps, fragrance oils, and other tools of the craft.

Spirit Books & Gifts - metaphysical store with wiccan altar supplies, crystals, gemstones, sterling silver symbolic jewelry, and candles.

Spiritual Presents - specializing in occult products and ritual tools.

Treasures Untold, Inc. - specializes in products for traditional and contemporary pagans, including cauldrons, cloaks, and tapestries.

Triple Moon Witchware - offering clothing, crystals, altar supplies, oils and potions, and online classes.

We'reW.O.L.F. - pagan/wiccan supply site offering ritual items, incense, candles, jewelry, and more.

Wiccaworld Australia - offers supplies for Wiccan, Pagan, and Occult practitioners.

Wings of Isis - offers wiccan\pagan supplies including altar supplies, incenses, candles and more.

Witches Pantry - offering spell and poppet kits, soaps, and salts. Also includes weekly spells and monthly contests. - offering essential oils, aromatic candles, scented dead sea salts, and natural herbs.

Wizard's Window - catalog with products relating to aromatherapy, meditation, astrology, magick, and wicca.

Wooden Chalices - sells hand turned communion chalices.

Wyrd Shop - suppliers of a wide range of occult items both standard and rare.

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