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Networking Sites Links

@ Web Directory Links:

> Communications Reference Links and FAQs - Communications Reference Links and FAQs.

> Free eCommunications Guide - lists free internet based communication including, email, fax, voicemail, isps, local and long-distance phone, instant messaging, answering machines, and more.

> Information Technology Professional's Resource Center - Information Technology Professional's Resource Center.

> Network Buyer's Guide - information on networking and storage companies. Searchable, products, pricing, links to vendors, and white papers.

> Network Professionals Resource Center - For anyone that wants to learn more about networking and telecommunications.

> TechFest - links to technical information on networking and computer technology.

@ Most Hot Links:

> Novell -

* - includes guides and documentation on pc-interfacing, Linux, LAN, and home networking.

* How to set up a small LAN - information on how to set up a windows based local area network. Oriented toward computer gaming.

* LAN Drivers - LAN Drivers.

* Wireless Lan Interoperability Forum (WLIF) - promoting an open specification for interoperability among wireless LAN computer hardware and software.

* Wireless Answer Page - a wireless local area networking tutorial site offering an overview of wireless LAN technology and applications.

* Wireless Networking Q&A - Wireless Networking Q&A.

* FAQ - LANs - FAQ - LANs.

@ More Sites Links:

Onix Networking - specializing in technologies supporting secure network connectivity, business intelligence, call center and help desks, and virtual private networks.

Software Pursuits - develops and markets SureSync, a network file synchronziation utility used to share files, protect critical files, and distribute software and data.

Alexander SPK 2.00 - Automatic Server Crash/ABEND Recovery and Diagnostic Software for Novell NetWare 3.x/4.x Alexander SPK 2.00 contains: NetCheck, Dexter, and Edna.

American Technology Corporation - provider of remote and mobile computing solutions based on the Xcellenet RemoteWare family of products.

Arel Communications and Software Ltd. - products including integrated messaging systems, interactive distance education and learning and multimedia transmission applications, over all terrestrial and satellite networks.

ASI/Communications, Inc. - application software for ATMs.

Async Systems - TCP sockets, including Socket Library SDK and TERMview/NC.

Baseband Technologies - specializes in NDIS, ODI and other network and communications drivers.

Bell Emergis - developing new platforms and software applications for network-centric communications.

Birch Grove Software - download network management and security tools including Screen Pass password screensaver and LinkLaunch dynamic drive mapping utility.

BOS - Better On-Line Solutions - AS/400 to PC connectivity hardware and software. 5250 emulation, APPC, TCP/IP, Async, SDLC gateways, Windows GUI for System/3x and AS/400 hosts, file transfer.

Cambridge Computer Corp. - communications and computer telephony software for Windows based PC's and Apple Macintosh systems.

Catalyst Development Corporation - develops and markets innovative software tools for the developer and end user community.

Century Software, Inc. - provides PC-to-UNIX and PC to enterprise internetworking connectivity software.

cFos Lüders & Winkler GbR - download new versions of cFos/DOS, cFos/Win, cFos/2 for modem/ISDN connections.

Chevin Software - Chevin Software.

CII-WorldNet - intranet site development and hosting services for business and distance learning programs.

ClickNet Software Corporation - provides software tools to help LAN professionals manage computer networks.

Computer Tyme Software Development Lab - software development company specializing in utility software, menu systems, and job control languages.

Computers Plus Information Services, Inc - free demo available.

Connectus Software, Inc. - specializing in the design and development of communications systems management applications.

Core Systems - TCP/IP stack for Windows, Winsock 1.1 compliance. PPP, SLIP, CSLIP ready for internet hookup. Internet gateway capability, with custom filters

CP Software Group - provider of open enterprise computing tools for a wide spectrum of desktop, workstation, network and minicomputer platforms

Cybermation Inc. - job scheduling and workload management software solutions for networked and distributed computing client/server environments, providing enterprise alternatives for UNIX, Windows NT and OS/2 point solutions.

Cycle Company - real-time and telecommunications systems

Dart Communications - Provides Winsock compliant TCP/IP components for many development environments.FTP, SMTP, POP3, TELNET, TCP, UDP, TFTP, SNMP and VT220 libraries for C/C++, VB and Delphi.

Data Interface Systems Corp - provides end to end network connectivity while protecting mainframe data and applications.

Dearborn Group Technology - specializing in Controller Area Network and In-vehicle Network technology.

e-motion, Inc. - provider of easy-to-use software-based solutions for managing, distributing, and reviewing creative content

Eicon Technology Corporation - worldwide provider of remote access solutions for personal computers.

EnterWare, Inc. - develops network management software built with Banyan StreetTalk. Flagship product is StreetExec for VINES.

Epilogue Technology Corporation - produces and licenses highly portable implementations of IP, UDP, TCP, SNMP, and the RMON MIB.

Esker - developer of data and application access software for heterogeneous computer environments including terminal emulation, database access, networking and web-to-host solutions.

Evergreen Systems, Inc. - Remote access and server technologies.

Extensions Software Corporation - Developer/publisher of DOS and Windows network software applications/utilities for Banyan VINES and Novell NetWare.

Forum Enterprises - specializing in network conferencing and messaging software.

Ganymede Software - Network performance testing and monitoring.

GAUSS GmbH Co. - GAUSS GmbH Co..

Gork Developments - developers of network and messaging software.

Harris Network Management - Multi-Protocol Network Management System

Helios Software - high performance, easy-to-use client/server solutions for DOS/Windows PCs, Macintosh and Unix workstations;

HelpDesk - HelpDesk.

Impact Nederland bv - Impact Nederland bv.

Intergraph Integration Products - Intergraph Integration Products.

InterWorking Labs - providing complete testing and diagnostics of SNMP, RMON, RMON2, and private MIBs.

Inverse Network Technology, Inc. - Internet dial-up measurement and improvement, monthly national ISP performance ratings, and middleware providing fault-tolerant end-user Internet dial-up connectivity.

IPT - Flexible, common sense solutions for network systems integration. Our focus is on UNIX and Macintosh connectivity, print spooling, and OPI.

Isonet GmbH - KHK-Software, Individualsoftware, ISDN-Lösungen im Saarland; networking software (in German).

Kaon Technologies - supplies a range of networking hardware and software solutions and provides support for these in the New Zealand market.

KeyServer - Network-independent license manager for Macintosh and Windows-based computers.

LCI Intermate - specializes in printer connectivity.

Live Networks, Inc - a private California corporation, developing computer networking software and services.

Logix Communications - WAN and LAN monitoring and analysis tools for computer networks.

MarxMenu - DOS menu and scripting language.

MediaHouse Software Inc. - offers live statistics and network monitoring software like Statistics Server, a Web server dedicated for live statistics reporting and log analysis.

Meridian Technology Company - specializes in remote access/communication software, protocol components and LAT protocol implementations, and printer sharing software.

MiniSoft, Inc - Sales and support for MiniSoft products (MS92, MS320, NP92, SCOUT, SCOPE, MIDDLEMAN, and FRONTMAN). Advice on configuring MPEiX.

Miramar Systems - provides of Macintosh to PC networking software and desktop utilities for multi-platform network integration, including USB-based home networking solutions.

Modular Software Corporation - Developers of PicLan network interface software for the Pick Operating System.

Neon Software, Inc. [] - Makers of network management software for the Macintosh.

NETpresenter B.V - offers corporate communication software for creation, distribution and playback of multimedia via local network, Intranet or Internet.

NetStream, Inc. - improved performance for network and mobile users of Microsoft Windows.

NetTech Incorporated - Network management products and services.

netViz Corp. - developers of netViz, a network diagramming and documenting tool for Windows.

Network Design Tools - NDA provides network design, network quotation, and account management solutions for carriers focusing on customer care and operational support systems.

Network Solutions - X.25, X.32 and/or frame-relay protocols to Windows-NT, Netware, Unix and DOS environments.

Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd - Developers and distributors of utilities to manage Novell NetWare networks. Print metering, login, management, application metering.

North Ridge Software - Developers of The Network Director and The Network Center. Information about their IBM mainframe software and technical support.

Octopus Technologies, Inc. - software for Windows NT networks providing real-time data fault tolerance, file mirroring and data replication across lans and wans.

Omni-NFS & Omni-NFS 95 - Provide full NFS client and server for Windows 3.x or Windows 95 over Windows Sockets including terminal emulation & remote backup.

Optel Telecomunicaciones - Optel Telecomunicaciones.

Optimal Networks - tools for performance analysis, optimization and troubleshooting of distributed applications.

Owensville Systems, Inc. - network monitoring and diagnostics tools.

P1 Systems Incorporated - offers Sockets/V and PARTSnet. These are tools for accessing TCP/IP networks from Digitalk's Visual Smalltalk.

Persoft, Inc. - offers SmarTerm, PC-to-host connectivity software, and Persona, web-to-host Intranet connectivity solutions.

phase2 networks, Inc - offers a comprehensive family of portable router source code

Precept Software, Inc. - produces tools and applications for multimedia networking. Products are compatible with the MBONE, RTP/RTCP and RSVP.

Process Software Corporation - designs, develops, and markets TCP/IP-based, interoperable networking software solutions worldwide.

Ptech Process Modeling Software - for Fortune 500 companies reengineering processes to leverage object-oriented client-server systems.

Qbik Software - software to connect your network to the internet with a single modem.

RiskTrak - risk management software and consulting for Y2K projects and programs.

Roth Systems, Inc. - software for information movement through LAN, WAN, or internet.

Sirius Systems - Providers of TCP/IP solutions for the Unisys CTOS workstations.

Solucom, Inc. - providers of web-to-host connectivity, virtual private networking, firewalls, and remote access solutions for internet, intranet and extranet security. Products include Persona and Shiva.

Spider Software Limited - developing and supplying portable streams-based communications software.

SPIN-X Printing Solutions - provides printer connectivity solutions for the Unisys 2200 environment.

SunRiver Data Systems - holding company for a strategic group of subsidiaries that offer graphics, text and network terminals, as well as, Intranet and Internet software to businesses.

Sustainable Softworks - Macintosh developer offers products reducing the fragile complexity of networking.

Synergy Software Technologies, Inc - internet messaging systems and TCP/IP network middleware in ActiveX and WinSock formats.

Systemetrics, Inc. - messaging and computer system management. SENTRY, an automated operations system management tool, HelpDesk, an integrated solution for problem management and asset tracking.

TACACS Server v2.0 for NetWare - TACACS Server v2.0 for NetWare.

Tarantella - scalable, cross-platform solution that enables the deployment of mainframe, Windows, Linux, and UNIX applications over the Internet or intranet.

Tascomm Engineering - Tascomm Engineering.

Telenetworks - provides portable WAN protocol source code for developers. Including ISDN-BRI and PRI, X.25, V.120, Frame Relay and ATM.

Telogy Networks - voice over IP (VoIP) and fax over IP (FoIP) embedded software for networking equipment manufacturers to develop products that send real time voice fax and data over packet networks.

Thursby Software Systems, Inc. - makers of DAVE, file and print sharing software for integrating the Macintosh into a PC environment.

TriplePoint, Inc. (TPI) - develops software, under contract, for hardware OEMs located around the world.

TSP Companies - SpartaCom Asynchronous Port Sharing (SAPS and Zetafax faxing software. RAS compatible communication products for Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT.

TurboSoft Pty Ltd - Terminal emulation software for multi-host connectivity including DEC, HP, Prime, IBM, Unix, Stratus, and many others.

Vector Informatik GmbH - controller area network, CAN-tools, data aquisition, and data processing, CAN-bus and simulation technology.

Virtual Transitions, Inc. - Virtual Transitions, Inc..

XCI Corporation - offers communicating thermostats with ethernet and TCP/IP network controllers for the multi-family, hotel, commercial, light industrial, and residential industries.

Xinet - Xinet produces software to allow network communication between UNIX machines and Macs.

XLink Technology, Inc. - developer of Omni-NFS & Omni-X 95/NT. NFS client/server, X-server, VT420/320 terminal emulation, LPD/LPR, FTP and tape backup.

Xtel s.r.l. - WAN solutions for sales force software. Developers on x25, ISDN and Voice Mail technology. Design, development, programming

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