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> 0 Ads Free Hosting - includes reviews of hosting providers.

> 00-Free-Web-Pages - lists companies that offer free web site hosting services.

> 100 Free Web Space Providers - listing of free web hosting in the US and international.

> 123 Freepage - lists many of the popular free web page providers and explains advantages of each.

> - directory of free web hosts showing space available, site features, and hosting requirements in chart format.

> Free Host Review - lists free web page host providers.

> Free Web Page Site - web site hosting, redirection, counters, sponsors, promotion, and guestbooks.

> Free Web Page Space - reviews web space providers for beginners and advanced users.

> Free Web Space Page - features reviews of web hosting services and design tools.

> Free Web-Space Listing - list of free webspace, email, and classifieds.

> Free Webpage Provider Review - provides details regarding available free webspace and email.

> Free-Websites - list of webspace and webmaster resources.

> - searchable guide to free homepage providers.

> Serge's Directory of Free Homepages - Serge's Directory of Free Homepages.

@ Most Hot Links:

* Yahoo! GeoCities - Yahoo! GeoCities

* Tripod - Lycos Tripod

* Angelfire Communications - Angelfire Communications

* - allows groups or individuals to create free web sites online.

* The Globe -

* - offers web space, customized domain name, unlimited email addresses, direct FTP access and more.

* AT&T WorldNet Community Port - chat and message boards for everyone, community listings for members.

* XOOM -

* Web Jump - with or without your own domain name.

* -

@ More Sites Links:

1Chat Boulevard - Provides free web hosting, email, and chat rooms. - offers 50 megabytes of space for free web hosting. Also includes EZ builder and guestbook.

Above World - offers virtual domain hosting and a Web page creation tool.

ACMEcity - create your own home page at Warner Bros. ACMEcity. Get 20 megs free space, email, homebuilder and more.

B-City - offers free business web site design and hosting.

Batcave Network - free web pages, chat, daily news, and forums. - provides small business with web hosting, promotional tools, online storefronts, and more. - provides pages for book clubs, sales, buybacks, and exchange services.

CampusWest - offers web pages and email.

ChattownUSA - many lifestyles supported. Teens to restricted adult.

Click2site - provides online resources for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and home-based start-ups including web hosting frontpage support, traffic reports, etc.

CommunityWare - free homepages, live chat, & live messaging, too.

Conkworld - Provide free web pages.

Create uh Page - create your own web pages quickly, easily, and for free.

Create Your Site - build a free web site with no software to buy and no knowledge of HTML required.

Creative Junctions - Provide free web hosting.

Crosswinds - web site host. - unlimited web space. - offers free web pages for commercial or personal use, message board, daily statistics, CGI scripts, FTP access and a web file-manager.

Dreamwater Free Web Space - guestbook, chat board, email and short URL. - offers free webspace, email, irc chat, and more to non-profit organizations, online communities, and positive thinking individuals.

Esoteric Source Providers - provides web space for authors of metaphysical subjects.

Family Shoebox - offers web space and tools especially for families. - specializes in family web sites. - free point-and-click family web sites. No programming required.

FindLaw Internet Legal Resources - create a web site for law firm or organization. Features extensive index of law firm sites.

FortuneCity - Provide free web pages.

Free - website creation system.

FreeServe - free customized web pages, html help, and more.

FreeTown - chat, web pages, classified ads and more.

Friendsworld - site for friends, to friends & by friends of the world.

Go Play - offers page building tools, a directory of member sites, email, greeting cards, and other features. - offers ten megs of free web pages and email.

gURLpages - free homepage hosting from the same people who brought you gURL Magazine. - free service to link the private homepages via a shorter URL. - features member-named Web addresses for corresponding home pages.

HowdyNeighbor - free personal home page neighborhood. Full Ftp access to your site.

Idealia Web-City - offers multichat, messages box, museum on line, free homepages, fan clubs, web hosting, and more.

ILoveUSA - free virtual domain for any USA made product or business.

IntelCities - homepage community and business site hosting service.

Internet Avenue - offers free web site design and storage for your local Chamber of Commerce.

Jacksonville Virtual Mall - offers web site hosting services.

JustWebit.Com - free e-commerce sites for small to medium sized businesses.

Lighthouse Business Services - free web design to Christian churches, missions, and organizations. Non-profit organizations at very low cost.

LinkedUp - personalize your own web directory that's accessable to everyone. - free web pages and news for Macintosh web sites.

Microweb Services - provides free personal or business homepages.

Moonfruit - provides simple tools for building multimedia-rich websites.

MSN Home Pages - customizable templates provided or users can ftp pre-existing pages to the server. - offers private family web sites with calendar, chat, instant messaging, multimedia album, e-mail, and more.

MyFreeOffice - free space, domain hosting, and a suite of office applications.

NanoHome - create your own 3D web page.

Nerk's Unstoppable Media Machine - non-profit and non-prophet entity providing high-end graphic and web site design and hosting services for progressive organizations on a low-cost or free basis.

Netcolony - free homepages and no annoying pop up windows.

Pagelist - providing free Web pages.

Phrantic.Web - offers free home pages to anyone for personal use.

ProHosting - free virtual hosting. - offering sites with photo album, personal calendar, address book, discussion, and more.

Record.Net - offers sites for individuals to publish creative works such as poetry, pictures, music, film, and more.

ROTFL Online Services - free email, free homepages, electronic postcards, and much more!

State of Insanity Server Space - providing free space for any organization which advocates for diversity and freedom of speech. - Offers homepages without banner ads. - providing teens and college students with an online home they can use for expression, identity, community, and commerce.

TopCities - offering 50MB of space, personal guestbook, messageboard, form mail, counter, and more.

Truepath - free homepages for Christians. - domain-based, web hosting for personal or commercial use.

Webspawner - online web authoring system that lets you design and develop customized web pages in a matter of minutes - without having to learn HTML.

WeCare - offers free web sites to non-profit organizations.

WWWBoard Network - message board pages and services. Also contains a directory of message boards.

Xoom - Offers free web pages.

Zarcrom Free - free 5Mb to anyone for homepages. - build your web pages online.

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